Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Greatest form?

What does friend mean to you? I admit that I am not really a good friend, as at times, I am busy and unable to entertain their messages and calls. And what would I do next when I am available? Certainly I will text or call them i.e. my friends back. However, in a situation where your friend has no 'facility' like you have, should you 'back stab' your friend and talk bad about him/her?

I understand that we people tend to make mistakes. We used to make mistakes. It is totally understandable. I have done a lot of mistakes in my whole life. Even now I do not think that I am a perfect person. I correct myself, always, either I admit it right in front of you or silently I do it when I am all alone! You as a friend, you do not know. Nobody knows unless I tell you so. Only the Lord knows. He knows it better than you people do! If only He knows about the emotion your friend hold inside, or how regretful your friend felt after realising his/her mistakes, WHO ARE YOU TO PUNISH + JUDGE + MOCK him/her????

Please people....train yourself to forgive and forget. I know it's hard, but give it a try. Put yourself in your friend's shoe. Do you like to be treated that way? Are you happy to find out that your friends talk bad about you? Or MOCKING you in blogging world, social interaction place, Friendster, Facebook, MySpace? The entire world is reading. Perception is created within 30 seconds. And there you are, typing fast and press the 'Enter' button, and zuuuuppppp!!!! Your comment is out, free for anyone to see it. You are going to leave your PC and what left is comment back-to-back from others who read. Where is your humanity when that things happen? Where were you???? Will you take an action to honour your friend's pride? You live in the same house, but you throw shit at your front door.

If you are condemning about direct selling, blue colour workers, immigrants or shark loaner, just do it so. You are emotional, you just shout out loud. But leave your friend behind. Just because virtual medium allows you to express your feelings with writings, and you proudly write it down without dignity and manage to collect hundreds of commenter to participate, it doesn't make you a HERO! You are still hijacking Malaysian cars!

On top of that, Civilisation is not only about addressing human as the greatest form, but to deliver a civilised attitude, at the right pace and at the right time. If you are not crystal clear about that, then what form are you?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

They are dating!

Look who's talking here?? back!!!! Hu...the heartthrob, Robert Pattinson and his co-star, Kristen Stewart, yes, they are dating. Below are the recent evidences caught by the paparazzi.
He looks old here. By the way, the Western does look older than their age. But still looks good, huh?
Well, I am not intimidated by their love. They are a great pair. Besides, who does not like Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan, right? One thing I cannot wait is for the upcoming movie of Twilight: New Moon to be at the theatre next month. I watched the latest trailer last night, and I could say, it is perfect. And I know they have started filming the third book, Eclipse. I bet Ms. Stewart must have had the hair extension. :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Mengapa harus ribut-ribut?

Panaskah isu ini? Pertelingkahan antara dua negara yang kononnya serumpun, hanya kerana perselisihan pendapat mengenai tarian Pendet, ditambah pula dengan isu mengenai hak milik Pulau Ambalat yang terus-terusan diperhangatkan oleh sang pemimpin yang mahukan jawatan presiden dan gila kuasa di sana. Mereka seolah ketandusan idea terus menggunakan isu murahan ini untuk dijadikan tajuk perdebatan mereka dan menampakkan kononnya mereka ini bersemangat nasionalisma.

Ada seorang teman bertanya, "Agak-agak kau, Anwar Ibrahim bersekongkol sama tak?" My answer is, entah...

Menjadi wartawan bukan mudah. Dan tugas seorang wartawan bukan untuk bikin ribut dan repot di sana sini tanpa fakta.

Jangan jadi penduduk bumi yang buta sejarah.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

During Consignment

After women giving birth, they have to undergo certain period of consignment. For how long it takes really depending on the tradition practices in the family. Some have to endure it for 44 days and some for 40 days. The older believes, if you follow thoroughly what is advised during this consignment period, you will get your excellent body figure back, and at cases, they are even better.

Normally, what happens is, the mother has to be at home, and is not allowed to go out. Meaning, no cinema, no friend gathering, no candle light dinner. Just stay at home. Shopping can waits! Within the days, the mother will breast feed the baby, wears a loose shirt and kain, put on sock at all times, and the worse part is, have to follow a special diet plan. =) Diet plan as in you have to eat ONLY a hot cooked rice that is mixed with black paper with fried anchovy or fish. It is best recommended to consume snakehead fish as it can help to heal the wound down there. Mackerel fish is in list as well. Do not go for any cold food, even fruit. Be patient, the consignment is not that long to endure, anyway it is for your own good.

It is a gift to have our mother or mother-in-law around along the consignment period as they know better! Ask them whatever you wanted to know. Seek for petua or secret maneuver on how to get back a freaking hot body. I am certain that it is easier to do so especially when slimming centre is everywhere accessible. As long as you have the money, it shall silence the fat!

Live a happy life with your dearest baby. This social message is brought to you by Ah Ai.

Am back...!

Woww, it has been ages since I last posted an entry in my blog. When was it? Can’t remember exactly when.

Ok, what is stopping me from jotting down in my own page? I have fallen sick for nearly 3 weeks, and have not recovered yet. Too bad, man, too bad! Have gone to clinics for second times, and have finished all the medicines. But the fever is like forever living inside me. I want my normal life back. I cannot stand anymore the burning head, hot fever, and ice-cold trembling body. And I have to be in perfect condition for the North on-road trip. Well, this H1N1 virus has caused four people to death. Alas, the vaccine could only be delivered latest is in December. everyone, take a really good care of your health, be extra careful on food you consume. =)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Back-off, Naysayer!

Who is naysayer? Someone who is very pessimistic that run down to us and says, “No, you can’t do it!” Just don’t, I repeat DON’T listen to this people. When you have a dream, and it leads you to a right track, just follow it. In the end of the road, you know the dream is just within your grasp and you will get whatever you desire. Say you listen to a naysayer, and you stop half way, what will you get? Nothing, but a satisfaction in the face of this cynic. Trying will not harm us. Though we fail, the failure will teaches us to be better in future. It is a ‘Don’t Stop’ century. People have to keep moving on, and never look back. No retreat, no surrender. Treat naysayer as a passing wind. And who can be the best naysayer?

1) Yourself
2) Your mind
3) Your body
4) Your inner monolog

YES! The naysayer is inside you! Find a way to beat it (but not to the extend of abusing your body, OK!!). Besides yourself as the enemy, anyone around you can be a candidate too. Ask them to talk to the hands, and never come back. Do not waste even a drop of the ambitious fuel, as you have a long way to go. You yourself deserve the best in life. So take the challenge and break the gear, do not feel hesitate to move the pedal. Never give up on the good time! Gotta believe in the spirit you find. Yeeeehaaaa.....!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Katy Allen - Happy Belated Birthday

Tadaaaa....see see how big the cake is for Mrs. Katy O' Connell Allen. Happy belated 23rd bithday to a wife of Krisso, the new American Idol. She is so adorable to me, and the voice sounds so much like a baby girl instead of a mature 23 years old lady. Nevermind, I still like her though. A simple chick who owns Kris Allen...*sob..sob..*
This is the pic during Kris's homecoming back to Arkansas. She is blonde! They say a blonde girl always win the fight!
This is Katy during her childhood time. I am a good resercher you see..even managed to find her personal photo..he..he..
Katy on the night of finale. I believe she was texting for the votes. Hmm...kinda like her green cellphone. A nice green casing. Wonder what brand is it...?
She looks so cute here, rite? Yes, she is. I guess she looks better with make-up on. Whatever it is, I still like her. And her man. La-di-da...cumpleanos feliz para ti, Katy!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Who is Robert Pattison?

Ok readers, this is him. Robert Pattison, or known as Edward Cullen in Twilight the movie. Yes, it's Twilight that brought him to my attention. At first I was like, "Why he looks so pale man? Eeuuww...I don't like him". Yeah, right. Wait until he smiles, and there is when your heart will melts down. He is not new to the Hollywood film industry, as he used to be in Vanity Fair film starred Reese Witherspoon, but he was still young.
And this is one of the official poster for the movie sequel, Twilight Saga: New Moon. Will strike your cinema in November this year. Lemme tell you something, you have to wait for some time to get its DVD, even the pirated. It really will make you suffer. I guess I waited for more than 5 months for Twilight DVD to come out last time. I don't understand why. And it will goes the same I guess for New Moon's DVD to come out later. Aikkss...
Mr. Edward Cullen with his co-star, Kristen Stewart (Isabella Swan is her name in Twilight). She has done her best for the movie. She looks cute, and kinda fascinating to see her acting. Though she is new, she really nails it!
Why Robert Pattison? Well, I guess, it is not him that I like, that I want, but his character as Edward Cullen, the vampire that was saved from death in 1921. He is Dr. Carlisle who saved him from Spanish influenza, and Carlisle took him as his foster kid. His a magnet to make you stick in front of the screen, and go nowhere. His eyes, his moves, just perfect to be the vampire that fell in love with the human. *So the lion fell in love with the lamb*
Uuuuwaaa....Bella made the face, and Edward asked,"What?". Bella answered, "I can't dance." Said Edward, "Well, I could always make you". Bella said, "I am not scared of you". With a smile, Edward said, "You really should have not said that"...*Grin*...hehe...

Who cares if you cannot dance? You have Mr. Edward to lead you. Edward oh don't know how long I've been waiting for you...kekekeke...I'll see you this November. And it's a date!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson Ghost?

Hours ago, Michael Jackson, or his Islam’s name, Mikael was flown back to Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood Hills for his final rest. I managed to find his last picture in the casket. They have dressed him up and just waiting for the burial. The report says that he will be buried next to his grandmother who passed away in 1992. I am not his big fan (though my mother is), but I love his music and songs. My favorites are Black or White, Do You Remember, Man in the Mirror and You Are Not Alone. I should say he has many good songs. That is not what I want to discuss further here but…
Forest Lawn Cemetery - reporters are seen everywhere
Michael Jackson in his gold casket

A spooky story about his ghost wandering in Neverland, please watch this movie.
Can you readers see the walking unknown image? It is said to be his room, and by having his body unburied for weeks, it is not impossible to see his spirit (roh) wandering around the house, particularly his own room. They have not finished his journey. That is why he is ‘seen’ here and there within Neverland, he is not in peace. It looks surreal, and chilling I know. But this ghost-spirit thingy does exist. We are sharing the world together. Maybe, I repeat, maybe, MJ during his life, wanted so much to be buried in Neverland, but the family has decied to bury him somewhere else. Therefore his spirit was seen there, half of him is still in the house perhaps. The place is just him.

I lost the 8 hours

Well, I could not sleep last night. After having dinner at Bubba Gump, I went home straight away. I remember I had myself cleaned up, especially the foot. At around 10.25 like that, I lied down, but then at 12 sharp, I woke up all of a sudden. It was pretty hot, though when I called my King a minute after that he said, "Go back and sleep. It was raining heavily outside." Errk?? It is raining? Ok, I jumped back to my bed, and slept. And again, around 3, I woke up. I din understand why. I was sweating, and tried to sleep again. At 5, woke up for the third times. What is this? I din watch MJ's funeral on TV, I din watch any of the spooky DVD, why on Earth I was unable to sleep? The next was at 6.30 (ok, this time, it's the alarm that woke me), but I let it snoozed until 6.50. It was really....exhausted. The body is getting weaker.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Zac was incredibily awesome!

Zac Efron - was soooooooooooo handsome in 17 again! Why din I realized that all this while?? No wonder a friend said, "No one can resist him!"
Zac Efron and Allison Miller - as teen Mike and Scarlett in the movie...
I have to admit the fact that I have never seen him as a mouth-watering male to be adored at. But he has proven me wrong...ouuchh...never knew he's that good looking!

If you have not watched it, you better go and find the cinema ticket or the DVD or VCD whatever. Just don't miss it. 17 Again has a lot to share - love, family affairs, bond friendship, humors. Worth the money. 5 stars ***** to 17 Again.

Mega Sales is Back!!! (shop till you drop)

This is where our money goes! Takde duit pun, tetiba cam banyak duit. What product speaks you? And where do you readers like to shop at? From designer gears, to a local made. Baju, seluar, perfume, baby stuff, makanan, books, I wish I could buy the whole lorry as the picture shown below. Tapi pepatah Melayu ada mengatakan, 'Ukur baju di badan sendiri'. Buy at your affordable. So readers, share with me, where is your favourite place to shopping? Would love to hear it...Happy shopping! *Be well-planned and watch out the card credit usage* - A community message brought to you by Ah Ai.

Sogo - Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman
Berjaya Times Square - Jalan Imbi
One Utama - Bandar Utama

Starhill Gallery - Bukit Bintang
Sunway Pyramid - Bandar Sunway
Suria KLCC - Ampang
Pavilion - Bukit Bintang
Midvalley Megamall - Lingkaran Syed Putra

Friday, July 3, 2009

LOL with Ice Age 3 - Dawn of the Dinasours

Have you watched this movie? I would recommend you to go and watch! Bring the children, BF, GF, BFF along...mommy and daddy are also suitable to watch. I watched it last nite, and it was hilarious, and bloody funny. Anyway, I love Ice Age ever since it's out. Don't want to miss it this time.

I attached here the official trailer for all my readers. Hope you enjoy it...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

24 years ago

It was 24 years back when the world heard of my crying voice. It was after 12 midnight, I can't remember the exact time. They used to say if you born after midnight, your skin color is dark, or a bit dark, very dark. So I am definetely fall into the group. Wakaka...
I asked my mom many times I guess, "Ma, nape Ah Ai kulit gelap, tapi adik cerah?"..answered my mama, "Sebab dulu masa mengandungkan kakak, Mama suka minum kopi. Bijik kopi pun mama ratah macam tidbits. Masa mengandungkan adik pulak, mama suka sangat minum air soya dengan susu..tu sebab adik putih." So don't ask me further why, you know the answer now. For Heaven sake, yes, my sis was bloody fair when she was born. And up until now, she is still considered fair, though the sun has 'took' some from her. He..he..
No matter how fair or dark my skin color is, I am happy to be myself. At least God was generous enough to let me existed in His world. I have my Mama and Abah(father) that I am proud of. And a sister (Dedek) who is more brilliant than I am, and yes, she talks a lot and no one can stops her. I have my King who is always by my side, a bond friends (Cik, Baby, five other SHAMSIAN angels, Che Non, Ah Jo), and a career for the living. I should be thankful to the Lord. He lets me breathing for 24 years. If there is any infilling holes, it's me who does not work hard to the maximum. I do not have reasons to be angry with Him.... (@ @)
Happy Birtday to have a long.....way to go...

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kris Allen.

Happy Birthday, my latest hubby-in-list. (I guess it's not too late to say this to him).
The 'cheated' hubby celebrated his birthday with her blonde-wife, Katy O'Connell at celebrity chosen restaurant and bar, Madeo. this young puppies so much!

So, Kris's is on June 22nd. July comes a month for Katy (July 9th)..Well Katy, we share the same moon sparkle, Cancer. Your entry is coming out soon.

This is crazy

Yes, it is. The craziest thing I've ever for the week. Staying at the office until late at night. Huahuaha...the clock shows 9.20 already, and m still here. Last week also I needed to work late, but this time, is considered tripple times late. Who else is here? Urmm...the finance team, Canteen Lady, Encik Asap, Si Tomboi, and Kap. The lights are on, but the aircond, they switched it off. Hu...i miss home badly.

Yes, I am still here. Waiting for the Petronas confirmation. So saddening...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ungku Ryan Ashraf

Readers out there. Remember when I posted an entry on Welcoming a New Family Member? Yes...he has arrived finally. I am totally speechless of what to write here, as none other to thank to but the Lord up there for giving us such a beautiful gift. Congrats Kak Rin & Abang Anip. It's an honor to be there visiting a miracle gift that was a day old. Hope you enjoy looking at these photos. p/s: Just a gentle reminder. Never send your ladies to Damansara Specialist Hospital.
My bestfriend Sya and my sis..and see see, it's Ungku Ryan Ashraf my sis was holding.
A present by Ti 'In. (Ti 'In is a name Ryan will later call me)...found it very cute. Ryan..don't let the bug bites you! Hehe...
Some of the gifts given by people who visited the mommy and the baby.
Baby hug from my sis to Ryan...he felt warm in the arms...and happily sleeping like a king...
Close-up...Ungku Ryan Ashraf
The moment I will always cherish and remember...his little hands grasping my finger. :-)I tell you, he has a beautiful nails and fingers...
Ryan was half awaken...
When Ryan was first brought to us from the nursery...
Ryan at the nursery..with Ti 'In like a psycho trying to take a shot..
Ryan, the mommy's hero..
One day old Ungku Ryan Ashraf..Cik Ai (my sis's nickname to Ryan) feeling excited. He would open his eyes everytime we called out his name..then closed them back..*Grin* ...Ti 'In loves you so much little boy...just remember that...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcoming a New Family Member

Excited babe, my cousin Kak Rin is going to deliver her first baby soon. She is expected to be admitted either tonight or tomorrow. Can't wait to see the baby! She will endure her berpantang moment in Seremban tanah tumpah darah tercinta. Hope everything is going to be fine. To baby boy who his name is still a secret, baby kiss and hug to you, from Ti 'In. Welcome onboard! Hohoho...

To Kak Rin, moga selamat semuanya. Jumpa nanti. Di hospital dan di rumah Ibu. Love ya.

Penyatuan Dua Hati

Whose hands are these in henna? Jeng jeng jeng...!!!

The climax time. The man in striking green is the bride's father. Eh eh, itu kelihatannya macam bapaku juga ya di sana. The moment that the bridegroom will never forgets. Tok kadi is like a curse to every men.

Inilah rupa pengantinnya. Left is my cousin, with her newlywed husband. Pengantin lelaki lapar. Tengok pinggan...licin...! Bertambah satu lagi anggota keluargaku.

Satu lagi baju untuk acara memotong kek. Make up tetap maintain ok!!

This photo was taken a night before the akad held. I loved the chairs! Bila malam nampak macam vast!!!

On the morning of akad itself. Orang semua busy dekat dapur la, luar la, me? Busy taking pictures. Bouquet tu masih fresh, baru sahaja diambil dari kedai bunga di pasar besar Seremban. Nasib senang dapat parking.

These are among the hantaran given out to the bridegroom's side. All originally made my the bride herself. Kak Sue memang kreatif bab-bab ni. *Grin*

Satu lagi kepakaran yang ada pada pengantin perempuan. Menggubah bunga telor (bunga pahar). I don't think I can do it. Besides Kak Su has promised me that she will sponsors bunga pahar for my wedding nanti. Best kannn...hehehe...

Ini pulak semasa trip to Kelantan, menghantar pengantin perempuan ke rumah pihak lelaki. Gambar atas ni diambil sewaktu melintasi Manik Urai...election kan bakal diadakan di sini kelak. Banyak bendera-bendera parti politik berkibaran. (Lepas pilihanraya, jangan lupa bersihkan kawasan ni balik ye...)

Kenapa termenung Kak Su? Something bothering your mind? Pandai-pandai je Ah Ai teka. Entah-entah Kak Su tengah tidur sebenarnya.

When we reached here, I thought, "Ok, dah dekat dah ni.."..sekali tak pun...jauh lagi rupanya..I was amused to find this Iqra' word. Dunno why...Suddenly remembering the Prophet when he first met Jibril Angel.
Tata...kami balik dulu. Tinggal la pengantin di sana untuk beberapa hari. Amik shot ni masa dalam bus yang baru bergerak pulang. Pengantin melambai tu...haaa...hiba la tu tengok kitorang balik...
It took us 12 hours to reach Tanah Merah, and another 12 hours to reach back Seremban. Wahh...can you imagine that? Very exhausted. But the one who suffered most probably was the bus pilot. least kami boleh tidur, dia? Tak boleh...hehehe...
Tempat penginapan. Bilik ada aircond, selesa je sebenarnya. Rasa macam family retreat tu...da lama kan Kak Sue kita tak ada family day...
Ika likes this pic! Handal betul camerawoman yang amik gambar hebat ni..(puji diri sendiri)..he..

Gambar mereka di atas pelamin. Kejap sahaja bersanding, tak banyak gambar sangat yang diambil. Tapi Kak Su nampak cantik sangat dalam persalinan and make up ni. Caya la...