Sunday, June 27, 2010

July 8th - It is a date

However, I think the most magnificent is the last book...Breaking Dawn..the moment where Edward and Bella got married, Bella found pregnant, and how difficult to deliver the baby that needs her to be transformed to a vampire...and the bond between the clan...everything I love is in Breaking Dawn...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

See....this new look

Gheghe...I have changed the layout, etc...I loikee it..! Suka suka...! Rasa fresh, rasa happy...the red color memang naik la ini time...

The color has just bloomed my mood...I feel good now ~

I want them now! you listened to When I Look At You by Miley Cyrus? should..
Mahu tengok! Mahu tengok sekarang jugakkkk...!!~

Have you seen my Art Skill?

testing ~ testing~ testing the font it better? where has my art skills missing to? I need them now so badly...come back to me my skillful mind and hands of art...



Run! Run! Run! On top of the letter, it has stated clearly to wear a sport attire. Gosh...! I haven't ran for more than 4 months..! I am a bit nervous for the coming assessment next week. It's gonna be my first run just to win a job! Some says it is not that easy, something like a combat training or something. Then I heard some say it is as easy as ABC...really? What I don't understand is....why must there be a combat training, etc just to get the bloody job? World is weird at times...


1) Running shoes ~ checked
2) Striking T-shirt ~ checked
3) Badminton racket ~ what??
4) Track bottom ~ gonna buy it today!
5) Copies of passport size picture ~ hehe...I will settle it tomorrow. I promise...
6) The offer letter ~ I leave the last part...still drafting the sentences.

I will make it! I know I am gonna make it an ace..! Haiiittttttt!!!! Am coming for you Kluang...~

It's time!

Yes yes, I know it is kinda outdated...but I am so loving it. Do not know whether should buy E72 or E71...or the new Sony Ericsson Vivaz Pro touchscreen...I am not so Sony as some of you are...
So...which one should I go for...? Or is iPhone one of the option?
Hmm...tough decision to make. Just wait n see.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Woot woot!

Psstt everyone! So long I din catch latest news here. A lot of things happened. And tomorrow, another colleague will be shifted to be a teacher...Cikgu Isma!!! Gonna miss you so much...
It is gonna be an empty hole without you around...sob...take care darling ~