Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nur Ya Kasih

Last night I went to watch the Nur Kasih movie at Midvalley. Yesterday was its very first day showing and the hall was full with its audience or shall I say, the Nur Kasih drama fans. I brought the King along promising him that this is a must watch movie. He did follow the drama episodes on TV3 a year ago, but the number was very little. So yesterday afternoon when I purchased the ticket online, I promised him that this Malay movie was different. The King loves a movie that allows him to think and use his brain, and last night I bet he was really evaluating it. Btw, sorry readers, I forgot to take pictures to prove you how crazy people were towards Nur Kasih.
My comment after watching:
I LOVE the movie to bits…! I did not prepare any tissue with me; luckily my scarf is long enough to wipe my tears. I cried countless times, from the beginning when I noticed Alia (Aidil’s wife) has passed away especially the scene when Aidil found it hard to read the Yassin. And of course scenes where Aidil remembering his moments with Alia touched my heart and again the tears fell. I felt the Goosebumps every time I saw the shadow of the Undertaker in black, but the scriptwriter was a brilliant as he twisted my guess of who would be dead in the end actually. The script this time brings a wider meaning what we should take a look into. An understanding conflict between religious men, a sacrifice of a wife, a teaching of never giving up in Allah, the importance of dua’, honoring your mother, love circulation in one family, you will find all of these in Nur Kasih. I never regret crying like a baby in the cinema last night, and thanks to the King for being so understanding and supporting.

The King comment after watching:
“Good movie…a really good movie. It has marked its own standard. This is what we are looking for. With a relevant sense of humor, and at the same time it accommodates our soul on its own way. Maybe what they can improve is the lighting, because the color is dull. The picture looks dull, not sharp and not bright. The color does not come to the maximum strike. And they should not dub the voice. It spoils the mood. If P. Ramlee can do it, I am sure they also can do the same. Dubbing will makes your movies sound cheap and not original. Our film industry is still lack with this technology. Overall, I am happy watching it. Knowledgeable and smart.”

Yes reader, please…go watch Nur Kasih. As I said, it’s a MUST watch Malay movie. =)

*Ah Ai, giving two thumbs up to all Nur Kasih team*

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dup Dap

I logged into my blog account this morning, and I was so surprised (even now I am still)


5 months, 4 weeks and 2 days @ 182 days left

to my wedding day. My stomach is shrinking. My eyes cannot stop blinking.

Otto ka je? (What should I do in Korean…*grin*)

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Happy Pengantin

Remember in my previous entry I posted about this good friend of mine getting married? Oh yeah, she had her beautiful moment last Saturday. The solemnization and reception on her family side took place on the same day. The weather was so heating up, but that was still so good compared to if it’s raining, though. My fiancé and I went to her house 13 hours before the wedding, and she has done nothing so far with her hantaran. I half shouted and she on the other world just laughed. I thought Ok, this time I should be able to show my skill in decorating and creating wedding hantaran but alas, my fiancé actually more hands on than I do. He did seven of the hantaran, and he made them fast and neat and meticulously. I can only be proud of the two hantaran I made. The idea just popped out after watching my fiancé working so heavenly with his hands like you know, “This is my thing” and two, three people in the house surrounded him like wowing his works! And I was left alone with ‘Pengantin’ magazine digging ideas on what to do.
This is the nine hantaran made by me & the King *applause* hehehe
Anyway, this April, two of my closest friends have safely turned themselves being a wife. Both of them chose green turquoise and looked absolutely stunning. I thank God for allowing me to attend their solemnizations and receptions and managed myself to take lots of picture. Be part of their special moment, witnessing their happiness means a lot to me that words can never scribble. I just pray and hope that my big day soon will be as smooth and full with smiles as what I saw during their wedding days.

To Sya & Afiq, I hope you like my little gift. I simply bought that thingy to be different than the rest cause I bet no one will ever give you that! =)...Love you both, forever.

*Ah Ai, a wedding attendee who is now do not know what color should she suggests the King to wear at the groom’s side since green turquoise has been taken…twice!*