Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Grace - Happy Anniversary

We were passing by a film poster. The King pointed to the actor's name.
It got his name on it actually. He said, " Finally they have my name printed on the poster"
This is him. The King. My L.O.V.E. The grace of my life. My happiness drug.
-Ah Ai, who has been together for 313 weeks with the King, and will have millions more with him-

Put a ring on it

Super brilliant...cantik bebeno!!!
I have checked at Goldheart, 3 diamonds with the same cut will cost us RM38k and above.*gulp*
WIth this 5 diamonds? Hoho...I faint. It's gonna take me some time to own a ring this expensive. But who knows, rite...? ;-)
-Ah Ai, a girlfriend who loves her King with or without ring-

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yusry Abdul Halim

Eeiii....suka sama ini mamat. Suka sangattt...
His smile, his brain. He himself!
His Gallardo? ;-)
*Photo credit to KRUStudios

Around the world

1)I was chatting with my fren Ainur via FB. She said she's now in Japan
with her mother. They will be back in December. They are there to accompany her brother till he finishes his
final papers. Lucky her. Well, talking about traveling, I have a few
places that I wish to visit.
*oh Romeo...!*
2)I always love Spain. I wanted to see Barcelona and Madrid since I was 13. I love Colonia de Tovar in Venezuela.
And I am so in love with Italy. At first I really wanted to go to Rome, full with historical
buildings and monuments. Not to forget, Monte Carlo in Monaco which has beautiful sceneries.
3)However, after I watched 'Letters to Juliets', I now know that I also should not miss Verona, Siena and Montalcino of Tuscany in my list.
-Ah Ai, a writer who hopes her King is reading this *grin*-

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ah Ai dream house

This is how my future house will looks like. (sedang berangan)
I love when a house has its own separated parking space or garage.
I love to have a house with a combination of bricks, kayu, campur-campur la...
5000 to 8000 acres. How much do you think the price is? =)

Actually, I am thinking of buying a land to build my dream house. You can decorate the design of your house. This is by all means my biggest goal for 2011.
Well, marriage is also a big plan, but it does not really involving a bank officer in the picture. I mean, put it like this, I have only 20 grand in savings, so I will throw out a wedding plan within the budget. Or maybe less.
However, when buying a land or a house, unless you are a millionaire, you will certainly need a bank loan. 10% comes from your pocket, and the rest will be financed by this FI.
Look into the interest, which gives a huge difference between the government servant and the private staff, your live will be clouded with debt to a max of 7 years. Can we go 5? Hehe…Hang on, am I talking about the car loan or the housing loan period of borrowing? Kahkahkahkah…

OK, correction. You may owe for the rest of your lives. *Glee*

- Ah Ai, a writer who has started digging her savings hole -

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Show me the tummy

Dua tiga hari ni rasa suka sangat makan.
Ape ye yang rasa nak makan?
*Tripple Play
*Nasi Lemak + Kerang
*Nasi Goreng Mama masak
*Yong Tau Foo
*Burger Ijan Paroi
Air pun rasa nak minum yang sedap-sedap...perut da buncit da...tu pun ade hati nak makan macam-macam
-Ah Ai, penulis yang sudah makin gemuk-

Friday, October 22, 2010

Get a Room

This place is called Ice Room...!
Variety of choice they have here.
Durian flavor
Yam flavor
Peanut flavor *my favorite*
I think this is...chocolate flavor *grin* (can't remember)
Mango flavor
Blueberry flavor
Additional appetizer
This is my mama, trying Fish n Chip.
The Ice Room we went located in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.
Go to exit Nilai, after toll, you turn right heading to Nilai City.
After 500 meters drive, you will find Ice Room is on your right.
Anyone from KLIA also may asks the taxi driver to bring you here.
It is one hot place. He sure knows!

Gone Fish Gone

One of my abah's favourite fish died. (abah = daddy)
This group of fish they have a habit to jump as high as they want when they are not feed
punctually. So when my dad reached home after went to barber,
he found one of his first collection was out of the pond.
He has around 25 fish from a family of carp and koi.
Naughty fish that made my dad cried.
p/s: my dad designed the pond, and he made it himself. anyone wants to order? ;-)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lunch time

I just had my lunch, I din go out. Just eating at my table
in the office with Mary.
What did I have:
- Meehoon (a type of thin noodle)
- Fried sardine
- Sausage cooked with chili
* Lunch pack was prepared by the King this morning. Thank you, sayang =) *

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hang them

+ I absolutely need a handbag rack stand to hang those handbags.
+ I prefer to let them hanging, so whenever I feel like going out,
I can just grab it like that.
+I do not need a huge purse know,
I do not own that many handbags like Posh Spice has.
(I would not put it like never, just not this time..hoho)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

'A' for...?

'A' as sangat bersih or super clean.
To me, 'A' means perfect, tiptop, exceeding expectation.
These photos were taken at McDonald's Senawang Seremban. They have been awarded 'A' class restaurant
in terms of the cleanliness.
This is how they portray 'A' class as. Filthy, watery, and disgusting!
So I guess it must be easy to maintain the award in a long run... oopss!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Mrs. Lina Shah née Rahman

Who is Lina Rahman? She's an understanding friend and sister who never judged me when everyone else did.
She's loyal, and she stayed supporting me throughout the healing process.
Kak Lina & Shah
This was during her solemnization. She looked fantastic.
They are a great couple.
I am so happy for her, she finally finds her happiness that she longs for.
You know I always love you, sis..

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let's learn

Malaysia is rich with dialects of its over 14 states. Like myself, I am originated from Negri Sembilan, so we basically use Nogori Language or Minang.
The King, he is from North, so the dialect use is different.
So am thinking of having a language lesson here, a very basic lesson for the readers to learn dialects we in Malaysia have. I will write the word/sentence, with a translation and how to pronounce correctly.
Let's make learning a fun experience! ;p

Words of the day:
1) Omak (oo-mark) = mother 3) Mano (ma-no) = where
2) Ekau (air-cow) = you 4) Yolah (your-lah) = alright, ok!

*Negri Sembilan dialcets*

The sequel

* Yeay! Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak 2 is showing now.
* Remember I raised an entry of this movie last year. It was fun, and am sure it's gonna bring laughters again this time.
~ It's a date tonight ~