Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kris Allen.

Happy Birthday, my latest hubby-in-list. (I guess it's not too late to say this to him).
The 'cheated' hubby celebrated his birthday with her blonde-wife, Katy O'Connell at celebrity chosen restaurant and bar, Madeo. Argghhh...love this young puppies so much!

So, Kris's is on June 22nd. July comes a month for Katy (July 9th)..Well Katy, we share the same moon sparkle, Cancer. Your entry is coming out soon.

This is crazy

Yes, it is. The craziest thing I've ever for the week. Staying at the office until late at night. Huahuaha...the clock shows 9.20 already, and m still here. Last week also I needed to work late, but this time, sigh...it is considered tripple times late. Who else is here? Urmm...the finance team, Canteen Lady, Encik Asap, Si Tomboi, and Kap. The lights are on, but the aircond, they switched it off. Hu...i miss home badly.

Yes, I am still here. Waiting for the Petronas confirmation. So saddening...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ungku Ryan Ashraf

Readers out there. Remember when I posted an entry on Welcoming a New Family Member? Yes...he has arrived finally. I am totally speechless of what to write here, as none other to thank to but the Lord up there for giving us such a beautiful gift. Congrats Kak Rin & Abang Anip. It's an honor to be there visiting a miracle gift that was a day old. Hope you enjoy looking at these photos. p/s: Just a gentle reminder. Never send your ladies to Damansara Specialist Hospital.
My bestfriend Sya and my sis..and see see, it's Ungku Ryan Ashraf my sis was holding.
A present by Ti 'In. (Ti 'In is a name Ryan will later call me)...found it very cute. Ryan..don't let the bug bites you! Hehe...
Some of the gifts given by people who visited the mommy and the baby.
Baby hug from my sis to Ryan...he felt warm in the arms...and happily sleeping like a king...
Close-up...Ungku Ryan Ashraf
The moment I will always cherish and remember...his little hands grasping my finger. :-)I tell you, he has a beautiful nails and fingers...
Ryan was half awaken...
When Ryan was first brought to us from the nursery...
Ryan at the nursery..with Ti 'In like a psycho trying to take a shot..
Ryan, the mommy's hero..
One day old Ungku Ryan Ashraf..Cik Ai (my sis's nickname to Ryan) feeling excited. He would open his eyes everytime we called out his name..then closed them back..*Grin* ...Ti 'In loves you so much little boy...just remember that...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Welcoming a New Family Member

Excited babe, my cousin Kak Rin is going to deliver her first baby soon. She is expected to be admitted either tonight or tomorrow. Can't wait to see the baby! She will endure her berpantang moment in Seremban tanah tumpah darah tercinta. Hope everything is going to be fine. To baby boy who his name is still a secret, baby kiss and hug to you, from Ti 'In. Welcome onboard! Hohoho...

To Kak Rin, moga selamat semuanya. Jumpa nanti. Di hospital dan di rumah Ibu. Love ya.

Penyatuan Dua Hati

Whose hands are these in henna? Jeng jeng jeng...!!!

The climax time. The man in striking green is the bride's father. Eh eh, itu kelihatannya macam bapaku juga ya di sana. The moment that the bridegroom will never forgets. Tok kadi is like a curse to every men.

Inilah rupa pengantinnya. Left is my cousin, with her newlywed husband. Pengantin lelaki lapar. Tengok pinggan...licin...! Bertambah satu lagi anggota keluargaku.

Satu lagi baju untuk acara memotong kek. Make up tetap maintain ok!!

This photo was taken a night before the akad held. I loved the chairs! Bila malam nampak macam vast!!!

On the morning of akad itself. Orang semua busy dekat dapur la, luar la, me? Busy taking pictures. Bouquet tu masih fresh, baru sahaja diambil dari kedai bunga di pasar besar Seremban. Nasib senang dapat parking.

These are among the hantaran given out to the bridegroom's side. All originally made my the bride herself. Kak Sue memang kreatif bab-bab ni. *Grin*

Satu lagi kepakaran yang ada pada pengantin perempuan. Menggubah bunga telor (bunga pahar). I don't think I can do it. Besides Kak Su has promised me that she will sponsors bunga pahar for my wedding nanti. Best kannn...hehehe...

Ini pulak semasa trip to Kelantan, menghantar pengantin perempuan ke rumah pihak lelaki. Gambar atas ni diambil sewaktu melintasi Manik Urai...election kan bakal diadakan di sini kelak. Banyak bendera-bendera parti politik berkibaran. (Lepas pilihanraya, jangan lupa bersihkan kawasan ni balik ye...)

Kenapa termenung Kak Su? Something bothering your mind? Pandai-pandai je Ah Ai teka. Entah-entah Kak Su tengah tidur sebenarnya.

When we reached here, I thought, "Ok, dah dekat dah ni.."..sekali tak pun...jauh lagi rupanya..I was amused to find this Iqra' word. Dunno why...Suddenly remembering the Prophet when he first met Jibril Angel.
Tata...kami balik dulu. Tinggal la pengantin di sana untuk beberapa hari. Amik shot ni masa dalam bus yang baru bergerak pulang. Pengantin melambai tu...haaa...hiba la tu tengok kitorang balik...
It took us 12 hours to reach Tanah Merah, and another 12 hours to reach back Seremban. Wahh...can you imagine that? Very exhausted. But the one who suffered most probably was the bus pilot. Haa...at least kami boleh tidur, dia? Tak boleh...hehehe...
Tempat penginapan. Bilik ada aircond, selesa je sebenarnya. Rasa macam family retreat tu...da lama kan Kak Sue kita tak ada family day...
Ika likes this pic! Handal betul camerawoman yang amik gambar hebat ni..(puji diri sendiri)..he..

Gambar mereka di atas pelamin. Kejap sahaja bersanding, tak banyak gambar sangat yang diambil. Tapi Kak Su nampak cantik sangat dalam persalinan and make up ni. Caya la...

Amendment on Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Fine..the King read and said "Hey, you did not listen carefully I can tell. Megatron is not the Autorobots crony", and he started explaining again. Baiklah..begini ceritanya..

the Fallen

In Transformers 1, Megatron dikira mati kan, dan dicampak ke dasar lautan. Then came another crony of the Decepticon that is well-known as a superpower scientist and reformed Megatron again. (sorry, I can't remember his name). Dia ni ambik segala jenis serpihan dalam laut tu and baiki Megatron balik atas gesaan the Fallen. Lalu hiduplah kembali si Megatron. Pendek kata, the Fallen menggunakan Megatron untuk memusnahkan Optimus Prime.Allspark Cube

And what are the symbols that Sam Witwicky actually see? Ha..itu adalah serpihan Allspark Cube. Mengikut apa yang kita lihat, Cube tu separuh ada pada dada Optimus, and another half ada pada dada Megatron. Patutnya Cube tu da vanish. Tapi sebaliknya, serpihan Cube tu ada tertinggal pada Sam. And he did not know that. Fyi, Allspark Cube ni dikejar-kejar dek robot-robot ni kerana di dalamnya ada satu sistem atau kuasa yang menyedut cas-cas matahari. Kuat tu kalau dapat sedut semua cas matahari. Kiranya siapa yang empunya Cube ni pastilah akan menjadi kuat dan berkuasa. So, bila Sam pegang serpihan Cube ni, ianya tercas. Lalu keluarlah semua simbol-simbol yang menyatakan tentang asal-usul the Fallen ni. (eh, betul ke? Hehehe..)Sebab tu Sam da jadi macam orang gila. Dan sebab tu jugak the Fallen and the gang nak hapuskan dia, sebab sekarang ni, Sam sudah dikira sebagai Allspark Cube. He is the 'gold', and they want him!

Megatron Prime
Optimus Prime supposed to die in this sequel, but saved by one of the old Autobots, Jetfire.

Dan sebenarnya, Megatron bukanlah robot jahat. the Fallen yang telah mengubahnya menjadi jahat. Kalau cerita asal Jepun kan (maaf ye kalau silap), Megatron ni tanya pada the Fallen (ada satu incident yang berlaku, and I can't recall what), "Who are you?", the Fallen jawab, "I'm your God". "No, you are not!", balas Megatron. "Yes, I'm your God. You have to serve me."

Sebab tu lah Megatron patuh pada the Fallen. Urm..dah la takat ni, kang takut tertokok tambah lak kang. Marah pulak peminat Transformers. Hehehe..if anyone finds that the story sound weird, let me know. Tenkiu...

Attitude that Speaks

Why moody? Does it bring you any good? Why feels anger? Why mad? Don't you know it makes you look old? I always ask myself, why some people can easily make a face in front of others? What rights do this people have to be moody? Yes, maybe the girl is on her monthly menstrual circulation, so she is moody. Maybe he lost his belonging, so he is moody. Maybe someone has been scolded by the boss, so he or she is moody. But what about those who have no probs but can easily show his or her moodiness to your face? Will you like it?

And some people just show the anger without even care about the feelings of people around them. To me, that is so unacceptable. I know we are not perfect, but Islam teaches us to be calm, and always in rationality. Even we are told to be shame to the God whenever we are angry. Shame on us the God is watching! But can we control it? People who put the anger and simply scold others will end up feeling upset and guilty right after the anger eases. Then it's another story to say sorry, which I think always make the person looks ugly and old. Then, there must be a meditation to overcome it. How? Read the Quran, selawat as many as you can, and relax. Think positive. Be patience and stay calm. Hope these help! :-)

Warm up the engine!

Does anyone know the most correct way to warm up the car engine? Some says it has to be more than 5 mins, some says no, only 30 seconds is enuff. And the King told me that he watched a programme on TV, the SHELL experts recommended to warm up the car engine by switching on the aircond to maximum and wait awhile. Then the car is ready to make its move. It helps to boost up the warmness, which to them is more efficient to save the petrol energy and money and time! Can switching on the aircond helps to faster warm up the car?

I took some time just now to google for the answer, and I found that SHELL India suggested to straight off drive the car after we starts the car engine. The warming up circulation is faster when the car is moving on road instead of it sits still. Hmmm...I dunno. I just remember that my Dad does a different thing. If any of you know, ping me..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Busy June

Looks like June is a very demanding month for me. Weddings here and there, local trip...For the first weekend of June, I flew myself to Jengka Pahang for a wedding, the second week, I was in Kelantan, sending a cousin also for her wedding at the bridegroom's side. All this while, I just heard a story and mumbling from friends saying that travelling by bus especially to Kelantan and Terengganu was tiring. And now I already experienced it, and yes, it killed my whole body and also the ulser. Huahauahuha..

This weekend I am going to Genting with my sis and closest friend, Sya Baby. And the final weekend, it's going to be another road trip to Perak. See see, how busy my schedule is...I guess a two hours massage can give me some peace. Maybe I should ask my cousin to come with me also to the spa centre in Subang which she introduced me last month. Ya, Beauty Palace is the place called. Hmm...spa...sounds good!

Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak

In earlier entry, I have talked about Jangan Belakang Congkak. The poster is as shown above. I willing to give this movie a chance after watching I'm Not Single, another movie from David Teo's team. It was a kamikaze last time when my friends & I decided to buy the tickets for I'm Not Single and it went well amazingly.This is how the movie starts. Pak Pie is going to die, but his hantu-hantu don't want to release him. They want a new owner/leader. Azlee plays his role very well, and it is obvious that the script writer has worked a lot to make the scripts don't sound very stereotype and cheap.
The three (3) stooges. Huauauahuha...without them the movie will surely turns dull. I did not know that Sam was very funny. All along I just watch him acting as a stubborn kid, kurang ajar son, and wild type of character. They are bloody funny.
Here comes the ghost! They looked at the behind of the congkak, and the spell have cursed them. When the moon comes out every 12 midnight, they will automatically changed to hantu raya (it chases for chickens, eggs), orang minyak (rape the women) & toyol (who steals the money). The dialogues, the inner and outer monologs, are hilarious. For those who have not watched it, go and watch. You won't regret. If not, buy the VCD or DVD. Make sure it's original. *Grin*

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

It's coming very soon, and I am sure Transformers fans out there surely excited to watch the sequel of the movie. Yes, it is very anguishing to long for it and I hope it worth the wait. I first thought the movie would come out this week, until my King teased me, "Babe, it's only June 16th, the movie is out next week, so you can still happily watch other movies before you see havoc of people queing next week." He was true indeed. ;)

I have watched the movie trailer, and found it very interesting and creepy. I meant, Humans vs Robots? Aikss..it's too scary (the same feeling when I watched Terminator Salvation). When they said 'the Fallen', I was like "Ok, the planet will falls when the revenge starts" and I was wrong! hahaha...As what told by the King, the Fallen is the master of all the bad robots (forgive me if I explain it confusingly..hohoho), the antagonist that comes to revenge after he lost his battle last time at Cybertron, and he also added that Megatron will be the Autobots crony. See see..I just captured the most important point among all my King's explaination..hahaha...the rest, urmm...I have totally forgotten!

So people out there, not that I don't support Malaysian films, I do, as a prove, I went to the cinema last three (3) weeks to watch Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak and really made me laugh out loud ~ LOL. Kudos to Ahmad Idham (I will post the review of the movie later). But this Hollywood movie, I can't resist it. It is a must to watch. So, tell me ya on how you feel after watching the second Transformers masterpiece from Michael Bay. I'd love to hear it. See ya!

Monday, June 8, 2009

It's Painful

I am now suffering of ulser..very rare to happen, and now it attacks the right side of my inside mouth..ouchh...have tried putting the salt yesterday, and it was burning hell! Aikksss...hope it will heals soon...