Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A mock

Lyric of the song in Malay:
"Sebelum dapat kerja, janji tekun bekerja. Sudah diterima cuti dan MC sahaja"

Translation in English:
"Before you get the job, you promise that you will work hard. After you're accepted, you are always on leave and MC"

Rules of success:-
  • Always know what you want and desire.
  • Do things you are passionate about. Do not take the job for granted. Otherwise, lyrics above portray you.
  • Get the blessing from your parents. Trust me, God listens them first!
  • Remember to save a portion of what you earn

Same time

~ I came for the interview in the morning, the Director promised to get back to me in a week. And guess what?
~ I got the job!! ~
~ The HR lady called me like four hours after that. Fast ha?
~ Absolutely happy. I was with the King on our way back from lunch, and he was glad too (he was smiling throughout the conversation, so I took it as a positive feedback. What? Of course he's happy for me).
~ However, while I was sharing the good news with my housemate (after I got home OK), I received a phone call from a head hunter, named Phoebe, offering me a job with a higher pay! NOOOOOOO
~ It's the US based company, founded by CISCO veterans.
~ The King said, "Do not be greedy", but I love the money =(
~ Two great jobs approaching in the same time. And I only have a week to decide.

Busy days

+ How long have I missed sharing my stories with you? Duh...!
* Do I still know how to write? And where are all the photos that supposed to be posted here??
+ Man...I am a super busy woman...who tries to deal with my never-enough-money life...
* This Maxis broadband gives me a hell service! I can't stand it any longer...! This is P.J, but the service in the suburban is wayyy better than what they give me here.
+ I wanna go home...sigh.