Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Little Wafi is no little anymore!

Said Wafi, "I..Tan (ikan or fish). Itan Tok Pi...!" (Tok Pi is referring to my father)
He is my sis's favourite boy! ;p

This little boy is a smart grown up kid. Believe me people when I said smart, means he is really SMART.
On his Uwan’s (grandma) side, they are still practicing the Javanese way of welcoming the baby.
They will place money, book, pencil and toy. Then they will let the baby to go and choose which item the baby wants.
Surprisingly, Wafi chose book and pencil. Everyone in the house were clapping hands and thanking God and praying that he will be a smart boy when he grows up.
I cannot deny just how bright this kid is. He is just is! He will makes you adore him and wants to ride him home.
At his age (he is only 3), he knows how to mock you. He can speaks well. He learns English fast (real fast).
He remembers peoples’ names. He wins your heart right after you see him smiling at you after his nap.
When you ask, “Mana Wafi?” (where is Wafi?), he will immediately raise his hands and answer with a hand showing at his chest, “Nama kita Wafi” (my name is Wafi).
He is the centre of attention back at home. He just is!


No rice for me...=(
The King's favourite
This is our stop point at Midvalley Megamall. Located next to Maxis centre, two doors from Jusco shop.
This dining place promises you the best range of Thai food with free flow of sticky rice and plain water.
Go to the backside of the restaurant, and you may find a secluded room that suits for a romantic dinner.
Amarin is now under renovation.

*Ah Ai, who enjoys paying the dine in bill with her credit card points*

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I bought this Shape magazine a few months ago. It’s purposely because of the front cover girl, Kelly Osbourne that wowed me. She looked extremely different. Healthier and prettier. She was in a bikini, and inside the magazine, she told secrets to her diet plan. The menu she went through and the exercise regime she was forced to undergo.
I don't care if she took pills or did a liposuction. She is now a hot babe. I envy her for having that money to hire a personal instructor to take care of her diet and exercise. She made it in 8 months, people. 8 months!!!
OK, let's be honest. I am on my diet. And only the Lord knows how difficult it is for me to do it. Having a always-thin-can-eat-whatever fiancée really kills me. I have tried not to eat rice for a month, it did gone down, but never satisfied me. I know I need to work out everyday like before, and I know I will get a colorful result, but I just do not have time to do so.
Put on weight makes me frustrated to the max. I have less than 8 months to prove it to myself.
I wanna look good in my wedding dress.
This excess weight makes me look ugly and old.
I hate it. I hate myself for not maintaining my ideal weight.
I could die thinking of it.

*Ah Ai, a soon-to-be-bride who cannot fit in eight of her jeans*

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I am truly wrong when I said I could calm down.
I am not easily can calm down.
That is just not me.
After one difficulty, comes another one.
And the King, he stays cool as always which makes me want to throw him out of the window!
You tell me how can I stay calm when I know the issue is sitting in front of me.
How I wish I could get married in oversea and get rid off this problem.
I am sad. I am depressed.
This is my name for a moment.

*Ah Ai, a human who is tormented of her own failures in the past*

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Love Always

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times,
always with the same person" - Germaine Greer.

Not Cheap

+ Make Up Artist (MUA) is not cheap people.
+ Thinking back how expensive the make up set, the brushes, makes me understand why they charge you high.
+ They provide you M.A.C, Bobbi Brown, Shu Eumura, and few other names that is gonna burn your pocket, they go to make up school, it is time for them to harvest back all the cost they invested.
+ And it is never easy to choose a MUA. Either you have the money but the big names not available, or you totally stay within a tight budget.
+ I mean, put it this way. If you pay RM1500 per session for Saidatulnisa, you will get the 1500 make up quality.
+ I have finally decided my MUA. Have also paid the deposit. Her name is Ros Yusoff. My mom loves her make up. She knows how to make your nose high, the shading.
+ Like my cousin said, she is professional. Let her do the job. And me? Just stay calm.