Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easy Breezy Trust

A friend asked me “How did you meet your fiancé?”. I told her we met at Uni. He was my senior. We were from a different faculty but same hostel college. She asked me again, “Do you trust him?”. It took me a few minutes to answer her this time. But I am sure my answer was very sincere. I told her, “I trust him. Besides it takes me 3 years to solely trust him. To build trust is not easy. I used to be a jealous girlfriend. He has the look and at my end, I do not think that I am pretty. I always had this doubt whenever he received sms or phone calls. Then I started doing funny things like checking his messages, his contacts, inbound outbound calls, and my fiancé (that time was my boyfriend) just let me checked whatever I wanted. Like when I asked him one day “Aren’t you feel scared that I may find something uneasy?” He answered, “I do nothing wrong. Why must I worry?” Only during our third year being a couple, the habit of checking hand phone slowly faded and that was when I know that I trusted him and I wanted to be with him.

Imagining one good self takes 3 years to build trust (or for some maybe more than that), and when the boyfriend or girlfriend simply betrays what has been built, some cheat, some flirt, some lie, I can understand the pain it costs. I can absolutely comprehend why he or she cannot accept the same person anymore. Or even if he or she forgives you, the feeling will never be the same again. Many couples build trust in a few months, they got married and live happily now. So building trust differs on individual. My mom she once advised me, “Man is always man until the world ends. Is OK to reserve 1% hesitation in one relationship. At least you know the 1% belongs to you to secure your feeling”. My fiancé is aware on this but as he said ‘that will never change the fact that I still 100% trust you, except when you told me that you put on your corset when I knew you did not, or when you said you were not hungry but I could clearly hear your stomach singing’. Yeah, I do not know how to let you know just how my fiancé genuinely trust me. I can date my girlfriends anytime I want, I can meet my friend boy, I can go wherever I want without his present and many more that if I list down will be a long page.

So it is fine if you still in the process to trust your partner. Take your time. Since your partner may possibly be your spouse one day, you need to ensure that the trust is there. If your sister is going to have her first love, never feel hesitate to tell her (any other advice or good words you can think of to give) ‘Please be extra careful in knowing this guy. Do not put the trust fast. No need to hurry with the flow. You will not lose a thing by driving slow in building trust and love. If he loves you, he surely can wait’. When I tell this does not mean that I hate her or envy her happiness or do not want her to be with the guy (unless if the guy is a jerk). You warn someone dear to you in advance because you love them. Bye all, XoXo.

*Ah Ai, a fiancé who cannot trust herself when she is in movie stores*

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

She is next

Sya is my closest friend at college besides Syam. This girl is getting married next week Saturday to her one and only lover since secondary school (daddy sent you to school to study, remember? ;p) I am so happy for her. She has been so loyal to me; she stands next to me when my surrounding pulled me away. You can’t stand her mouth power and laser answers at certain time, but you can’t resist either her kindness or hugs. She is an accountant, people. She is just too calculative, facts and straightforward. No fraud. Just she was trying to be honest, that’s all.

Thanks babe for everything. For the tears we shed and shared. For the laughter we spread. Yes, YOU deserve a great party and treat.

Umbrella Hunting

Dear Readers,

I am now busy hunting for this umbrella. Absolutely purple umbrella. Rich purple color, or plum. This will be used during my reception. I have been looking at One Utama and Midvalley. But couldn’t find it. *sigh*

A friend told me I can find the casserole type exactly like this at DIOS Puchong. Really? Maybe I will go there someday. Since this week I will be going back to hometown to meet two wedding vendors, and maybe on Sunday will head to Nilai 3 to buy bunga telor for the guest. My good self is getting busier and I like it.

I only have 6 months, 3 weeks n 2 days before the actual wedding! I can’t believe it. Almost half of the checklist have been marked ‘Checked’ which is a good thing, though. I am not pretty sure what is happening at the groom’s side. Every time I ask the King, he will says, “Don’t worry. I will get it done’. OK! (with a sigh of relief).

I am really looking forward for this wedding. (Who doesn’t, huh?) Besides hiring vendors, a few things will go under DIY. I need to find a nice ribbon shop, artifial flower’s store and pay a visit to Floristika one day. These are all for the hantaran thingy and the bridesmaid project. The mini dais for solemnization will receive my touch. My DIY touch. Hohoho. I am planning to DIY the under canopy decoration as well since Kerja Kahwin Design and Collection cannot cater demand outside KL and Selangor. So sad…=( I hope my sister and cousins will be able to help me when the time comes.

More updates on the wedding preparation in next entry. Tata.

*Ah Ai, an amateur badminton player who plays twice a week and take ice water after match*

Monday, April 11, 2011

She is a wife now

Huseq got married last week to Akkil. Sak, Dhie & I was there, Atiq could not make it. Muneq attended Akkil's reception. I was so happy for Huseq. I almost cried during her solemnisation but Huseq as usual, she was the most calm person. After all the hardship in maintaining the relationship, they both finally got together as husband and wife. Congrats to both of you. =)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Marrying Him

I have a serious problem with a handsome man. The biggest problem is that they are all A-list hot dudes on Earth. My new victim is Cam Gigandet. I was in love with him a minute after I watched him playing James in Twilight. Then I started digging his profile, checked on his movies and straight away bought the DVDs. Why are all these men handsome? They have nice hair, they dress well, they are tall, and they own sweet smiles that melt you away.

I want to marry them all. I want to marry Hyun Bin. I want to marry Cam Gigandet. I want to marry Hayden Christensen. I want to marry Alex Pettyfer. I want to marry Chad Michael Murray.

But of course, above all, I want to marry my King, my happiness drug.


Meet Renesmee. Isn’t she adorable?


Crazy isn't it?
This is what I'm doing now. Come to the office every morning looking 'slimmer' than I normally look.
I bought Triumph corset at RM299, and started wearing it since day 1 I purchased.

How does it go? On the first day, I could not breathe at all. I was sitting straight for 9 hours on the chair.
I tried finding any possible reason to take it off, alas, the corset was still on me till I got home.
2nd day was better. Starting to get use to it. I kept asking myself "When can I see the result?"
Then my colleague said, "It will works. Just have some patient. It worked on me last time. I wore it everyday to the office. You will see how your posture changed beautifully and no more bloating stomach". So, OK.

I wore it on the 3rd day, and at night I went out having dinner with my fiancée (oops...yeah I know it's dinner, but I stop eating before 9 p.m. though). Then suddenly he said "I can see your tummy is looking better now. Less bloated". Erk, really? That fast? Imagine if I keep on wearing it for a month, or two...imagine how may I look like...hehehe...I surely can get my 28 inch waist backkkkkk......!!! I am excited now. Today is my forth day. Keep it up, Ah Ai! You can do it! Yeay!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Believe it or not, we have been together for 13 years! And we can go for another 100 years being together as well.
The above pic, the girl on the first left, she is the first in our group who got married. She has a cute baby girl that was born early of this year. Coming next is the third from right, Huseq, she's getting married this Friday. Sak & I will be helping her throughout her historical days. She is marrying our school friend, so it is not a big deal to help the both of them.

According to plan, after Huseq is my turn to change the status. And next year August is Sak's. But who knows if God has a better plan igniting the wedding ideas for the balance two girls, Dhie & Muneq right...Anyway, I hope all of us will always stay the same. FRIENDS Forever!