Friday, August 27, 2010


~ Am home and is in a HAPPY mode ~
~ This morning I have to go approach Tyhe Hin's and reformat mom's PC ~
~ Then will drive my sis to Parkson to look for her baju raya ~
~ Well, I think Parkson has decent clothes and it is the best place you can go in Seremban for raya shopping...Jusco 2 is too hectic! ~
~ A good Saturday is about to come...=) ~
p/s: I've bought myself The Last Song DVD. I love the movie a lot!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010


She is the beautiful Grace Kelly. I love her wedding dress so much, with the long sleeves and veil, she looks perfect. A minimal make-up is enough to shine.

Green somemore

Am I ready to do this? I mean, eating nothing but the juices in 30 days! They are green, I know green is good...but...I can't see myself digging the juice-maker joyfully and give a big smile once I finish the drink.

Spinach + Kale + Celery + Ginger (what? I just can't even look at a ginger pic) + Carrot + Green Apple
~ you can also mix the juice with strawberry or orange~
Kale - the hardest in the cabbage family...uuwaaa!!!
Why they must include the celery...why why why!!!
The only thing that brings my spirit back is the apple! Yippie...!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Left, Ah Jo's. Next to hers is mine. Evergreen you know...while people on Earth busy tuning to a more advanced phone, we still carrying the old one...=))
Dinner at Papa John
Ah Jo grinned. I never be as this proud la my friend...~LOL~

Buka Puasa

I had a great time berbuka puasa with these faces. They rock!
Sayang kamu semua...
We went to Chicken Hartz at Sunway Pyramid.
The fragrance soup! Who invented this recipe? The taste is sooo...weird!
Ayam? Chicken? We share the biggest secret ever... ~LOL~. Anyone, ada plastic lebih tak? Haha
Since I have a fever, ice water is prohibited...=(

( ) memasak

Hehe...Buah cooked for a break-fast! Hehe..Buuahhh!! Thanks a lot, babe.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


~ Fever + Flu ~
This is the 3rd time in 2 months...
What is happening, body?
Sob... =(

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Too early

+ Just came back from Sunway Pyramid..buka puasa and hehe...I missed the tarawikh jamaah malam ni.
+ This year, I managed to control myself from eating too much...buffet, tapi perut tak penuh sangat..alhamdulillah.
+ You know ape yang too early? Lagu hari raya! I don't get it...we've just started fasting for a week, the shopping mall sudah mula pasang lagu-lagu raya...and when I reached home, the supermarket behind the block was also busy playing the raya song...apa daaa!!
+ Pasang la zikir ke, lagu nasyid ke, bacaan Quran ke...better kot...I mean, baru seminggu je.
Rileks la kan.

Monday, August 16, 2010


First you made me smile...we laughed.
A minute after that, I cried because of you.
You killed me with your words, there was an ignorance in your voice...and I was left hurt.
Tears were falling from my did not notice them. Why?
Because you were not looking..and you did not care anymore.