Monday, May 18, 2009

Toilet - No hose?

Pernah anda berada dalam situasi tak tahan sangat nak 'berhajat besar' mahupun 'berhajat kecil', sekali masuk tandas tengok takde hose (paip) disediakan? Bagi non-Muslim, memang tidak mengundang masalah buat mereka, tapi bagi yang Muslim macam mana?

Shopping mall besar macam KLCC misalnya, susah betul nak dapatkan tandas yang ada hose. Kalau nak yang ada, kena pergi tingkat atas sekali. Tak ke menyusahkan? Kalau orang muda, OK lagi, tapi kalau atuk nenek, pakcik makcik yang sakit lutut, tak ke kes naya? Bukan di dalam KLCC je, dekat office di Tower 1 & 2 pun, bukan ada toilet yang ada hose. Semuanya harap air yang dipancut dari bowl. Lepas 'berhajat', anda basuh, anda pasti ke bersih? Seksa tau tak, takkan nak guna tisu kesat je? Bukan musim kemarau pun. Apa salahnya management tak kisah la KLCC ke, Petronas Twin Towers ke, letak hose. Kadang-kadang terfikir jugak, aku ni sekarang berada di Malaysia ke, negara Orang Putih? Sampai takde hose (paip). Itu baru dekat shopping mall, belum dikira dekat hotel-hotel lagi. Mungkin niat mereka tidak meletakkan hose sebab taknak lantai basah, tapi logik ke? Buat business besar-besar, tak boleh fikir sesuatu yang lebih kreatif ke? Kenapa pendek akal? Yang pengguna Muslim pun satu, kalau tandas tu ada hose, lepas da basuh, pandai-pandai la kasi kering balik piring bowl tu. Jangan la ditinggal basah. Geli pulak orang nak 'berhajat'. Lap la guna tisu, kasi kering balik. Kena ada kesedaran civic. Bayangkan kita nak guna tandas, sekali tengok piring tu basah, kita yang kena lap 'sisa' orang, tak ke sakit hati jadinya? Mesti kita marah kan? Melainkan kita memang pengotor...tepuk dada, tanya iman.

Tidak boleh bertudung?

Pada Career Fair yang berlangsung di PWTC minggu lepas, majikan dari sektor perhotelan mengatakan, mereka tidak menerima mereka yang bertudung untuk bekerja di first lane. Housekeeper boleh, back-end boleh. Kenapa jadi macam ni? Hotel-hotel ini kalau diikutkan dimiliki oleh sang Mat Saleh yang menjadi expatriate, datang ke Malaysia berniaga, dan mendapat keuntungan. Mereka bukan asalnya orang kita, tapi siapa mereka sampai boleh membuat undang-undang sendiri, lebih-lebih lagi membabitkan isu bertudung ini?

Islam sangatkah negara Malaysia ni? Mereka datang ke Malaysia, buatlah cara datang menumpang ke negara orang. Duduk senyap berniaga sudah, tak payah la sesedap buat law sendiri. Dan di mana menteri-menteri Islam yang memerintah? Ini negara kita, siapa pandai-pandai bagi mereka kebenaran menafikan hak wanita Islam yang memakai tudung bekerja di hotel mereka yang nyata dibina di atas tanah air Malaysia? Betul...anda boleh kata, "Kalau macam tu, tak payah la kerja di hotel, kerja la tempat lain!", tapi isunya di sini, mereka buat rules sebodoh itu, apa tindakan kita? Ikut saja? Mengalah?

Jot down komen anda. Saya nak dengar..

Friday, May 15, 2009

Novel 2

For a Sex and the City reader, Candace Bushnell is not an unfamiliar name. I bought the novel from Bangsar Village. This is the novel I'm currently reading. Just started. Love the front cover, the synopsis sounds fun. Give me some time to finish it, and I will let you know later. (Anyway, miss reading Danielle Steel's..wonder when should I get one for myself..sigh..)

Novel 1

I have finished reading this novel from Miss Potter. Love the story, admire her way of writing. Full with humor and kinda related to girls' lives. Buying novel is expensive anyway. What to do...I love reading. :-)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sang Hijau

Ingat lagi tak cerita kt TV..Arnab & Kura-Kura..? Da lama TV2 takde program cerita kanak-kanak yang macam tu. Kenapa ye..hmm..I wonder. They should come back with the programmes, as they have moral values, good for the children.

In this entry however, I’m not going to talk about it, tapi tentang Sang Kura-Kura (aku bagi dia nama A) yang aku jumpa di Rainforest’s pond di One Utama (OU). Kalau diteliti baik-baik, ada seekor lagi kura-kura dibelakang Sang Kura-Kura A. Nampak macam tengah relax betul-betul.

That day, my friend Ah Jo tried to take a shot, tapi Sang Kura-Kura A mlearikan diri sebaik nampak kamera Ah Jo. He is a camera shy. I was considered lucky as he din run away when I took out when camera and took a picture. He must have been in a good mood that day.

And I even saw a kura-kura flee from the pond and jalan-jalan dengan senang hati di tepi jalan of OU this morning. I was in the car, and shouted, “Hahhhh??? Cik Kura-Kura…!!!”, but I could not stop. There was another car behind me, otherwise I will surely stop my car and bring him back to his family. Sape la yang lepaskan kura-kura itu di tepi jalan? Poor Cik Kura-Kura. When I YM my buddy, Ah Jo and told her about the lost kura-kura, she said:

Ah Jo : uwaaa...u shud have took the kura kura n put it in One U pond

Ah Ai : m afraid. The traffic lite was green, and there was a car behind me. Even afraid
the kura-kura will bite me. Then have to pray for thunderstorm to come to get
the kura-kura to let me go.

Ah Jo : it is easy nowadays, u download some thunder sound in your TP
(notebook), then put an earphone on the kura-kura’s ears, then he surely
will let go ..muwahahaha…

Ah Ai : ~LOL~

Ah Jo : if not, get Roy’s help (Roy is a big fan of Tortoise). Make him talk to the
kura-kura. They should know each other.

Ah Ai : You're funny. M gonna blog that!

Ah Jo : Hahaha…can u imagine Roy squatting by the road and looking at the
tortoise, speaking to him? Just imagine that.

(Ah Ai is picturing Mr. Roy talking to him and persuade Cik Kura-Kura to come back home, “Your mom must have been worried”. ..hehehe…)

Kudos to the humble Kris Allen

I'm adding another hubby to my list..hehehe..*wink wink*

Last nite, I din go out. I stayed home just to watch the Top 3 of American Idol 8. What I can say is, they are superb! Their voices, the songs, their performances, it looks perfect. From Danny to Adam and come to my favourite, Kris Allen. Kris was amazing singing Kanye West's, Heartless. The guitar acoustic, even the 'heartless' Simon Cowell surrendered and they found him relevant to the industry. He was bold, he was brave, he was fearless.

Randy: “I liked that better than The Fray’s version, better than Kanye’s version!” Kara: “Perfect!” Paula: “Bravo” Simon: “I had written you out of this competition, but that has all changed after this performance.”

The first song chosen by Kara and Randy was Apologize by One Republic. Kris performed using the piano, and it sounded a bit like a desperate to me. Maybe because he was there just siting, and forcing the hands to play and voice to really sing, I dunno. Simon even blaming Kara and Randy for chosing that song for him. But it is a fact that he has a very very very good voice. His voice is harmony, vibrato-ism...he has my vote to be the next American Idol! Go for it, Kris.

Vote for Kris! Another talent is onboard.

[Chorus (Acapella)]
In the night
I hear them talk the coldest story ever told
Somewhere far along this road, he lost his soul
To a woman so heartless
How could you be so heartless
Oh, how could you be so...
[Verse 1]
How could you be so cold as the winter wind when it breeze yo
Just remember that you talking to me though
You need to watch the way you talking to me you know
I mean after all the things that we been through
I mean after all the things we got into
You run and tell your friends that you're leaving me
They say that they don't see what you see in me
You wait a couple months then you gon see
You'll never find nobody better than me
How could you be so..heartless...

Selamat Ulang Tahun

Syiok betul tengok gamba makanan ni...Ni kat Chili's on May 4th last week..Well..looks like I have eaten a lot during the first and second week of month. Birthdays everywhere!

My mistake I know, for taking shots only after the meal finished. Yela...when the food arrived, all I was thinking adalah...MAKAN!!! Tak fikir benda lain langsung. =p

Some of the food at Chili's..memang sedap..and expensive. If go once in a month, should be OK. Tak larat den do nak poie tiap-tiap minggu. Poket basah terus kering..bukan kering je..kontang!

Time to choose. Too many good food, difficult to decide. Felt like wanting all. Hehe...and my favourite? Always the Monterey Chicken and Canjun Sandwich..hidup cik Ayam!!

This is...? my King..the birthday boy..Selamat Ulangtahun Sayangggg (sila menyanyi macam Imran Ajmain yer)...It is the 5th years we celebrating your birthday...I can go for 100 years more.. :-) Sayang kamu...!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Birthday Bash

I attended a birthday party of my King's two adorable nieces on last Saturday. When we reached their house in Bangi, from the outside the house looked like an engagement was held, not a birthday bash. *Grin*..the house was decorated with banner, white canopy, and colors of balloon. Many food were served , all delicious and tempting. Numbers of people came among the relatives, friends, and neighbours. Gifts were everywhere and the kids were fascinating. They played a lot and could not stop talking and making havoc. I guess that's what kid supposed to do instead of sit silent and do nothing. A well-behaved kids are very welcoming, but if they too behave, the event will looks too rigid though. *wink wink*. I introduce you the two birthday girls:
Si kakak...Aleeya Maisarah...(garang jugak tau...takut kadang-kadang dengan minah ni)
Si adik...Athirah Adrianna...
Sang adik yang paling "Whateverrrrr" antara semua. Dia buat hal dia sendiri, kalau dia nak satu benda tu, maknanya dia nak sampai dapat. Jadi kalau nak pegang mainan tu, pandang kanan kiri. Kalau ada dia, apa kat tangan kita, itu dia yang punya. Jangan main-main, dia ada suara lagi power dari soprano. Silap-silap pedih telinga. Dan apa kegemaran dia? Jengjengjeng....membogelkan semua benda yang ada kat tangan dia. She will take off semua pakaian dolls, dari baju sampai la ke panties, dan suruh kita pakaikan balik. Kalau robot tu, setiap sudut yang dia boleh korek dan tanggalkan, she will do it. She is the Master of Jedi.
The mommy made a 2 in 1 party, for the kakak and the baby sister. They were born on the same month. The kakak had a design cake of Powerpuff Girls, while the baby sister had Ben 10. "Kek kakak sedap, kek adik tak sedap". Why there is no cake pictures? Huhu..we came a bit late for I had a facial appoinment in Subang Jaya ss18. Did the King mad? Yes, he was. I was an hour late, tapi atas usaha pujukan yang tidak henti-henti, he was OK and normal back in the end. Back to the story! When we reached, acara tiup-tiup lilin sudah pun berakhir. Sebab tu no pictures on the cake. Half of the both cakes were eaten by the guests. Sempat rasa Powerpuff Girls cake Aleeya. Besttttt!!!This is Misha. A cousin of the two girls. A four years-old smart girl yang tak cakap pelat langsung. When I met her last year, she was 3. She spoke like an adult, tidak pelat, ayat yang keluar dari mulut dia terang, macam orang besar. I took her picture, she smiled. Second time I asked, Misha jawab, "Tak nampak ke Misha tengah buat kerja ni?"..Haaa...amik kau Ah Ai. Kacau lagi budak kecik ni. my King told Misha, "Misha kena tinggal sini. Kak Ida da balik da. Dia tinggalkan Misha". Tau Misha jawab ape?.."Hah? Ya Allah my God (sambil dia tepuk dahi sendiri)..macam mana jadi macam ni? Eleh..tu ada tu kereta dia. Misha kena cari dia. Mana la Cik Ida ni?" dan Misha pun merayau dalam rumah..looking for Kak Ida yang tengah busy tidurkan baby dia..
Siapakah si bermata bundar ini? Inilah baby my King's cousin, Kak Ida..his name is Daniel.
I love kids. They are all amazing and smart. The way the talk, what they conversate, how fast they respond to you, how critical and creative answers they give you, can easily robb my heart away. Nak dapat anak sendiri entah bila-bila. So tumpang la main-main ngan anak orang. And those kids I met at this party, they were smart. Their sentences made you giggle and agak terkesima jugak. Bijak betul.
Tak tahan kan...masa birthday pun nak buat exercise jugak...Kak Nah (mama diorang) cakap Aleeya suka Mathematics... and I can tell you that her English is quite good though for a kid her age.
See her eyelashes...rantai dia pakai tu, dia takmo tanggal. Mama dia kata, "Meh sini tanggal rantai tu..pegi mandi"..Aleeya jawab, "Taknak bukak..kakak suka rantai ni." Terus senyap mama dia..
This shot was not under my intention. Misha la pepandai, "Aunty amik gamba Misha kat sini. Macam orang kahwin. Tangan kena buat macam ni. Lepas tu salam". Athirah tu follower yang setia..apa orang buat, dia pun nak buat sama...
I just ke ada baby sendiri ni? Hehe...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Barbeque ~ ~ Bakar jangan tak bakar

Barbeque ramai-ramai memang best nak cite la ni..

(Suspense tak gamba berasap-asap atas ni? Haha..tau tu, memang tak pun..Ini lah antara muka jejaka-jejaka penting yang memastikan perut kami berisi makanan!)

OK..OK..Before I go further, this event was not in purpose of celebrating the New Year, but just a gathering bash among my King’s closest friends. They call themselves G15 (though I could not see all 15 on that night), none of them I did not know, as they were all my college seniors. One good thing about them is, they are still closely in-touch with one another no matter where they go (macam mana la tak in-touch..da duduk pun serumah diorang ni).

Hot fries..selling fast!
It was a fun night. Some bought drinks, fruits, one couple volunteered to buy chicken and grill them (the same couple who cooked herbs rice), and Ah Ai? Stick with her salad. Hehe..ala..salad yang best tuh..(kembang beb bila dengar Acap cakap kat Serbi, “Kau makan salad tu, sedap betul”). Gagaga..aku tuh yang buat salad tuh…Jenuh gak la nak mengadun semua sos-sos dia..

Ok..this is the herbs rice. The taste was quite nice though it looks so burned! Thanks to Blue and her loved ones.

Inilah salad buatan air tanganku. Entah macam mana ntah rupa dia..tapi cuba try test rasa..sos-sos hebat yang diadunkan bersama salad, tomatoes, salad ungu (entah apa nama scientific dia aku pun tak tau), epal merah..wallah!! =p

(Ketulan ayam yang telah dicampur dengan sos barbeque - air tangan Blue dan orang rumah)

Anyway, air orang rumah Blue buat memang best. I know she just took the Ribena and add chunky apples into the drink, tapi best tau! Rasa macam makan Cocktail dalam tin pulak. Yum yum…! The table was full loaded with food. Aku rasa semuanya habis. Paling laku sekali adalah sang ayam panggang, air minuman dan juga salad ku..hehehe..fries pun abis gak, tinggal geledak garam jer…
Buat encik-encik G15, buat la barbeque party camni selalu-selalu yer..boleh kami tumpang sekaki..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mahalnya UNO ni...

Tak pernah aku terfikir nak main UNO ni. Entah apa best ntah. Main dia camne pun aku bukan reti. Masa kecik-kecik, aku ingat UNO ni macam main cards, black jack, cam main judi. Hehehe..tak tau pulak UNO ni siap ada gambar Mickey Mouse la, Pooh la..
(gambar di atas ni adalah contoh UNO yang nampak relax sikit..ada gamba kartun, kira kalau main, dan kalah, takde la rasa panas sangat. tengok gamba kartun, sejuk gak sikit hati tu)
Dedek mula beli UNO ni masa cuti-cuti Malaysia ke Cameron Highlands hujung March lepas. While the parent busy buying vegetables, fruits, we were busy checking on the games. Brick games, UNO, shooting armies…Dedek bought the UNO cards for only RM5!
(*sila abaikan adegan tiup-hembus angin untuk menguji betapa sejuknya udara di puncak sana melalui asap yang keluar dari mulut ye..)

Just wanna show you readers of where the shop was located. Tuh..kat belakang minah yang tengah menghembus ni..Bayangkan, tengah-tengah orang menjual sayur-sayuran dan buah-buahan, ada kedai menjual permainan dengan harga yang murah. Kawasan jualan ni betul-betul bersebelahan dengan Equatorial Hotel at the peak. Penjualnya adalah seorang Chinese man, takde pulak gamba uncle tu di sini.
Lepas aku da addicted, aku ingat nak beli la untuk aku main. Kot sok aku nak pinjam Dedek tak bagi, leh la aku eksyen aku pun ada satu. Bosan-bosan kat bilik, aku leh la main sorang-sorang cam orang sawan. Main lawan diri sendiri, jerit “UNO” ngan “UNO game” pun dengan diri sendiri. Sekali kan, aku check kat Tesco kan, mak datok!! Mahalnye!!! Harga tu je aku da leh makan untuk dua hari. Aku gi MPH, ada UNO cards design comel-comel, masya-Allah, RM 19.90! Dedek beli RM 5 jer. Gila cekik darah.
Aku da macam pahlawan perang ni terus fikir, “Kena naik Cameron la camni beli satu lagi UNO ni.” A’ah..bijak…cost minyak ngan tol nak ke sana je lagi lebih dari aku beli UNO tu kat Tesco. Semata-mata nak dapatkan UNO yang berharga RM 5, sanggup tu berangan jauh nak naik Cameron. So sapa-sapa yang nak ke Cameron Highlands, bagitau la Ah Ai ek. Nak pesan, nak kirim. Hehehe..

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Paddington House of Pancakes

These two people are my good friends, especially the young lady. (I know the pic of them is a bit blur, but what to do..she requested not to have her clearer pic on)..This meeting was held last year. Kinda miss the moment. The location? Midvalley Megamall.

The place was cozy..tapi the food, just so so. Nothing allured me! Hehehe..tapi since just nak lepak-lepak and sembang-sembang, why not?
Don't get them wrong. They were not fighting, no! Not also because of the man wanted to hide any pimples or parut di muka, cuma si jejaka agak malu berhadapan dengan kamera.
Lucky Baby..dia selalu dapat hadiah..flower...sigh...tapi for this time, dia hanya dapat sekuntum je. (tu pun da kira bertuah ape..)
Aku and the young lady da hantam makan di Chilli' we were full. Tinggal sang teruna je yang masih kelaparan. This place was chosen by him. No Chilli's for him for that day. Muwhahah..dia lah yang pilih juadah di atas ni. Boleh la...
This was not my cup. Entah apa la yang diorg minum aku pun tak ingat. Aku hambik gamba je..
Yes, this pathetic cup was mine! A horrible-taste of macchiato. Da la size kocik, mahal eh toksah dikoba la..satu sedut je da abes..pahit nye tak usah ditanya ye..Iced Caramel Macchiato at Startbucks still the best!
So Young Lady and Mr. Hulk, bila nak hang out sama-sama lagi? Miss you guys a lot!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cikgu oh Cikgu

Kelaka tak kelaka la jugak cikgu aku ni. Before I start, lemme tell you a little bit about this teacher. Let us call him Cikgu Uncle Man. Muwahaha..He is (to me, and m sure people who knows him will agree with me) the best Mathematics teacher in town! Superb babe cara mengajar dia. Ateh bawah, pinn pinn, ponn ponn, adalah antara kata laluan yang perlu kami ingat dalam kelas Cikgu Uncle Man ni..his way of teaching is different than what teaches in school. I went to his classes during my form 3 and form 5. His name is not unfamiliar to me, since his son is a friend of my neighbour, and two of my cousins went to his tuition class also last time. And like a tradition, my sis also gone thru her time with him, Chakuchak (another neighbour) pun g kelas Cikgu Uncle Man jugak!

Nak dijadikan cerita, on last Saturday, I attended Marini's reception. I met Cikgu Uncle Man, and I straight away went to him and he immediately asked about Dedek (my baby sis), "Apa cite adik kamu jang? dia takde pun call cikgu bagitau dapat berapa A? mana dia sekarang tu?". I replied, "Dia dapat 7A cikgu, dia dapat matrik Negeri Sembilan, pastu UPU baru tau dia dapat UiTM amik Ukur Bahan." He added, "Bagitau dengan dia jang, dia da tak ingat cikgu dah ye", and he continued talking to a man next to him about us! I have no idea who the man was, but the man just nodded when he spoke out, "Dia dua beradik ni memang rapat dengan saya. Manja betul adik dia dengan saya, alih-alih dapat result taknak dia datang umah saya tu..bla..bla..bla..". ok, enuff with that. So after I reached home, while busy playing UNO with Dedek and Chakuchak, I told Dedek about it. Dedek tried to call his cellphone, no answer. She called his house phone, someone said he was sleeping. Let him be la..

After solat Asar, I accompanied abah (my father) to buy some of his stuff at Parkson. Suddenly this young man called and asked "Awak ke yang hantar adik awak tadi? Dia ada kat rumah. Dia datang dengan sorang lagi budak perempuan". (huh! takde lain la ni..mesti Dedek ngan Chakuchak! I did not know they planned to pay him a visit). Finished shopping, I sent abah home and faster drove to Cikgu Uncle Man's house. It was already 6.15 p.m. like that. He was happy to see me coming, and of course, these two fella were looking at me like "you are here also! sibuk je datang!" We enjoyed the evening with a cup of milo and a bulk of biscuits. "Sedap ni..kamu try makan. Ha..!!Sedap kan??! Cikgu selalu makan ni, cicah ngan air milo". Pulak dah! Taknak makan, dia paksa makan. Anak bujang dia lak malu-malu hantar cawan kat aku. Cet! Sembang punya sembang, masuk la cite pasal kawin. Cikgu Uncle Man tanya, da ada calon belum, orang mana, bila nak kahwin, dan gelak besau aku bila dia cakap, "Asal kamu taknak kawin pulak kalau ada laki yang nak masuk minang kamu. Kawin je la."..(I hope you are reading this my apa lagi? masuk la minang!). Cikgu Uncle Man menurunkan beberapa petua andai menjadi isteri kelak!

Cikgu Uncle Man : Kamu masak tak? Kawin nanti mesti masak tau untuk laki kamu.
(as usual, Dedek akan cakap BANYAK bila masuk tang masak-memasak ni)
Ah Ai : Ye cikgu, saya akan masak.
Cikgu Uncle Man : Saya tak suka orang pompuan beli lauk kat kedai ni. Sekali-sekala takpe la,
kalau selalu sangat, takut laki lari pulak.
Ah Ai : Kalau perempuan tu keja cikgu, tak sempat la nak masak selalu.
Cikgu Uncle Man : My wife keja jugak, dengan Immigration. Dia masak. Breakfast, lunch, makan
petang, makan malam, dia akan masak. Dia akan balik tengahari masak. Abg Airie (his son) mana makan luar. Dia bawak bekal. Dia taknak makan luar.
Ah Ai : (memandang Cikgu Uncle Man dengan muka blur)
Cikgu Uncle Man : Cikgu nyampah tengok Nora tip-top (I totally have no idea who this Nora was..Nora Roberts aku kenal la..)tu selalu sangat beli lauk. Kekadang, cikgu lalu kat deret kedai tu, cikgu nampak ramai perempuan beli-beli lauk, cikgu lalu kereta dekat-dekat, cikgu turunkan cermin kereta, cikgu jerit, "Balik masak la!!..terkebil-kebil mata diorang pandang cikgu" (dan gelak besar la aku mendengar kata-kata Cikgu Uncle Man, apatah lagi bila cuba membayangkan muka mereka yang terkebil-kebil).

Memang Cikgu Uncle Man kelakar. We left his place 10 minutes before 7. And his son's mission to hide Dedek's shoe has failed! Dia terambil sandal Chakuchak dan sorokkan. Muwahaha...teringat dialog Chakuchak, "Mana lagi sebelah slipper kita ni?? Takkan la kucing amik pulak! Mana ni?". Jumpa balik sebelah sandal Chakuchak atas batu sebelah pasu Cikgu Uncle Man. Hahaha..nampak sangat slipper sape dia nak try sorokkan. Apa da..

Well, moga Cikgu Uncle Man sihat selalu. Sayang cikgu...Ah Ai will upload Cikgu Uncle Man's photo soon!