Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Greatest form?

What does friend mean to you? I admit that I am not really a good friend, as at times, I am busy and unable to entertain their messages and calls. And what would I do next when I am available? Certainly I will text or call them i.e. my friends back. However, in a situation where your friend has no 'facility' like you have, should you 'back stab' your friend and talk bad about him/her?

I understand that we people tend to make mistakes. We used to make mistakes. It is totally understandable. I have done a lot of mistakes in my whole life. Even now I do not think that I am a perfect person. I correct myself, always, either I admit it right in front of you or silently I do it when I am all alone! You as a friend, you do not know. Nobody knows unless I tell you so. Only the Lord knows. He knows it better than you people do! If only He knows about the emotion your friend hold inside, or how regretful your friend felt after realising his/her mistakes, WHO ARE YOU TO PUNISH + JUDGE + MOCK him/her????

Please people....train yourself to forgive and forget. I know it's hard, but give it a try. Put yourself in your friend's shoe. Do you like to be treated that way? Are you happy to find out that your friends talk bad about you? Or MOCKING you in blogging world, social interaction place, Friendster, Facebook, MySpace? The entire world is reading. Perception is created within 30 seconds. And there you are, typing fast and press the 'Enter' button, and zuuuuppppp!!!! Your comment is out, free for anyone to see it. You are going to leave your PC and what left is comment back-to-back from others who read. Where is your humanity when that things happen? Where were you???? Will you take an action to honour your friend's pride? You live in the same house, but you throw shit at your front door.

If you are condemning about direct selling, blue colour workers, immigrants or shark loaner, just do it so. You are emotional, you just shout out loud. But leave your friend behind. Just because virtual medium allows you to express your feelings with writings, and you proudly write it down without dignity and manage to collect hundreds of commenter to participate, it doesn't make you a HERO! You are still hijacking Malaysian cars!

On top of that, Civilisation is not only about addressing human as the greatest form, but to deliver a civilised attitude, at the right pace and at the right time. If you are not crystal clear about that, then what form are you?