Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Laid to rest

A friend of me has just lost her seven (7) years boyfriend. They have been together for so long. It was a shock death. He has no illness, but he died in his sleep. According to her, they had a serious fight a week before he passed away. A serious fight until they need a help from the families to settle the problem. Marriage was in the corner but when third party involved (which was another man who created a story about them both), the plan was postpone. Can you imagine how misery she is right now? She suffers of his death. It was so sudden. An hour ago, he was there talking with her, and just in a flash, he is gone. The mother of the dead young man cannot bear the fact of the lost of her only son. And my friend is left to be blamed.

What is the barrier that has caused to the postponing of the marriage? Yes, the third man created a story (slander) of my friend has slept with him. Means my friend is having an affair all this while and is cheating on him when she pursued her degree in UK. She was away for four (4) years and they maintained the relationship along the years. When she came back, I clearly remember it’s him who she wanted to see. She has longed for the moment to come. She missed him. And until this writing is out, she is still missing him. It is seven years, they shared everything, laughter and cry. It is not easy to handle the loss, especially when you know it is not a happy-ending. You fight, he sleeps, and he dies, without giving you a chance to solve the problem out and be in the relationship as usual. He is gone.

To Tia my friend - be strong.
To Fendi – may you rest in peace with Him in His kingdom.
To the third man – are you happy now? May you live forever.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Sendirian Berhad day

Dear Jo,
Yes, life seems empty without you around. No one can ever replace your place, a friend to laugh out with, and a friend to share stories, a friend through thick and thin. When are you coming back? Miss you bo..
I did not go out last nite, neither with my friend nor with my King. I chose to stay in the room, watching Meteor Garden I, and still found myself in love with Dao Ming Si though I keep repeating watching the drama. Can't you see how handsome he is? (tidak puas hati). I adore his beautiful high nose bridge, and his lip. God must have spent a little more time on 'drawing' him last time. He is such a lucky man. My question is why a good-looking guy like him still unmarried? He has money clearly, and has the look. So sad he is still single until this point of time. Is he waiting for me? Tell him dun la..I cannot easily abandon my King just to be with him. I cannot be that cruel. I already reminded him few years back, if he really wanted me, he better made a move now, or else, i would run away and never came back. But he refused to listen and chose to stay silent. Stubborn guy! I got myself into the parking lot simultaneously with Mr. Darrell. But Tortoise was not in the car. It is either Tortoise doesn't come to work today or will comes on his own.
Just want to share with you that every morning, while warming up the car's engine, I will examine Si Kacak, see if the glasses are all clean or not, if not, I will take a the tissue and clean the dirt. After that, I will check the whole Si Kacak body to see if there is any scratch or maybe a taik burung, etc..if there is, I will be very frustrated and mad (the scratch) but luckily there is none. Thank God. And also no taik burung, taik lembu, or taik kerbau on his body. That is good enough for me.
I envy you for going to genting. I miss genting so much, the games I meant. I went to Genting for the first time with my King during his company's family day. I had a half fun only. We were stuck in quarrel when the journey begun. Our relationship was still young, and there were his actions that unsuited me. He did not really want to listen. A day that supposed to be a real excitement day ended up a waste just because of our stupidity. He was stupid, not me! Gagagaga..but that was long time ago. I think in year of 2005. Though we fought, his friends managed to get me into the 'chaos' of the Genting games! I tried Solero Shot, the so-called Merry-go-Around (as per below picture), and few more. If things were OK, for sure I would be able to try out all games available. So considered half fun loh.. After the incident, we went there with other friends, but i have not tried the outdoor games for a second time. Even if we go up, we just stay for a night and play the indoor games, or take pictures, and eat, then go down back. You know la our friends are all gila gila, so if i let them play with us the outdoor games, they will be tripple gila-gila. So better not! I think I should bring my sis along this time. I owe her a vacation, remember? Hmm...leemme think about it. Oh ya, we have not accomplish our Genting mission also. Sigh...even our food mission is also not in the list so far. What is happening to us lately??
Kay babe, I am running out of ideas. Will send you more later. Ciou!

My name is…

I thought only Korean or Japanese will find it difficult to pronounce my name, especially my last name. I thought wrong. As to me, instead of letting people ask me this and that if I tell them my last name, “How to pronounce your name?” “Is my pronunciation OK?”, I’d rather introduce people with the front one. But not everybody can follow on what you say out though you might think you have put it the simplest. I remember when I first joined this company; I was busy introduced to all the staffs in my division. And as a newcomer, smile was highly recommended so people would not think you as a cold person. But I made the biggest mistake (just kidding) smiling at this young Malaysian Chinese man (that was while I was busy arranging my desk) who immediately came right in front of me:

Jason : Hi, are you new?
Ah Ai : Yes, I am.
Jason : Welcome aboard. I’m Jason, from Investment.
Ah Ai : Ainnul.
Jason : What?
Ah Ai : Ainnul (what is wrong with my name?)
Jason : You know my name!
Ah Ai : I said Ainnul (Yeah, I knew it. It happened again)
Jason : You know my name! How do you know my name?
Ah Ai : No, Ainnul is my name. AIN.NUL.
Jason : (LOL, and smile). So sorry, I thought you know my name! Haha..Nice to meet AIN.NUL
Ah Ai : No worries, you are not the first one. I have experienced that before, and countless!

Now you know, it’s either you spelling out your name in a classis or a modern way. Therefore, HR people should give out the nametag earlier before the “Let me introduce you to the staffs” session begins. So when you see people make a weird face and give you wide eyes, show them your nametag. Or tell them, “Follow my lips carefully, as I will not repeat!” Hehehe…
Better if you write it in capital letters. Do not go for fancy style of writing. (Thanks to http://creativeenergyblog.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/nametag-copy.jpg)

* Still remember how Jason always forgets to bring his nametag and unable to access the door that connects him to his division. He will make this kesian face and asks, “Can I borrow yours? I was rushing this morning, I left mine.” For that reason, every time Jason appears in front of Jenab & I with that kesian face, we know it already, he arrives office late! * Chuckles*

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

They tied the knot!

On April 11, 2009 held two wedding receptions, my cousin, and a primary school’s friend.

She is my cousin, known among the relatives as a workaholic and career minded woman. With her colorful qualifications, we at first thought marriage have never crossed her mind at all. However, her destiny has written that she will get married at last.

May happiness always follows the steps of you both. Welcome to the family, Mansur@Michelle.

The wedding ceremony held at her parent house in Seremban last Saturday, witnessed a harmony relationship among Malaysians where Malay, Chinese and Indian (cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbors, friends, and colleagues) took part in making her day a proud.

SUARA - Malaysia veteran artiste participated in Marhaban. My mom was so excited to meet Datin Orked Abdullah.

Her colleagues from HK. Datang satu bas. (bukan naik bas dari HK, perhatian ye!)

I guess the lady sits on Kak Azmar's left is Mansur's mommy.

He is a very together-French man and she looked so stunning on that day.

Pretty like the room decoration. Simple and nice.

It is a must to take shot of the pelamin.

Dayah wedding:
Congratulations to Nurul Hidayah Shaidali and Irwan Ramli. *Izean kan tuh? She's the bridesmaid that night.

Three other faces I managed to catch during the wedding. Ainur Cik Non and Puteri with her man. *Puteri, Izean tak lama lagi naik pelamin. Kau bila pulak? Nur, m going to call the cupid for you. It's time, babe!

The couple chose orange as a theme color. I love the stage design (pelamin).

They are definitely a match made from Heaven. Both them met at work (Schlumberger). *Gigit jari la wei jejaka-jejaka yang minat Dayah ni, she is owned now.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Buat semua lelaki yang pernah ku cintai

Have you ever been I love? No matter if, it is a puppy love or true love or so-called love at first sight. I have, not one but countless times. *Grin* From Asia to Europe to South Latin back to America, and not to forget, boys at my hometown area. From fair person to dark one, from tall to semi-tall, from good-looking man to a so-so heartthrob, these men come and go but left a story behind the history. Let us take a look of whom the unlucky men they are.

1) 'Bangla'
This guy is from my hometown, started knowing him when I was 10. He is a friend of friend and his father is a well-known Mathematics teacher. He is not a Bangladeshi, but 'Bangla' is just a nickname I use to call him between my sis and I. My friends, Shira & Ainur knew how obsessed I was toward him. He is now my best buddy.

2) Yusry Abdul Halim
He is from the KRU group. I like his lips the most. Saw his big bungalow in Bangsar. Wonder who is the fortunate lady going to catch his attention after Erra Fazira.

3) Tom Cruise
He is the first Hollywood star I fallen in love with, after watched his movie Cocktail on TV3 when I was 10.

4)David Robert Joseph Beckham
I started to like him in third quarter of 1995. It was after I saw his face on one of UK Sports magazine. My love lasted until year of 2000. Now it has faded away…

5) Taufik Hidayat, Haryanto Arbi, Ricky Subadja & Rashid Sidek
They were all world badminton players. The exposure from my father to this sport has dragged me to fallen for them.

6) Amin Botak : This is the second boy in my neighborhood that caught my attention. I first saw him with his skateboard at Paroi stadium. We are friends until now.

7) Takuya Kimura
His macho-ego style in Beautiful Life really captured my interest. Does a royal man like Shuji (his character in the drama) really exists in real life?

8) Bola & Gigi : Please do not ask why I named them that way (definitely the nickname related to them). They were my seniors during my lower form at SHAMS. I have no idea where Bola is now, but I met Gigi at Shai’s wedding.

9) Razi : Wakakaka...this time it's really love at first sight. I don't know, perhaps I like a Chinese look type of man. But we stick just as friend. Met him finally at the Career Fair at Midvalley early this year. Heard that he is married already.

10) Mr. Pilot : It is as a dream comes true! No words can portray my sincere feeling towards Mr. Pilot. He taught me a meaning of life that we have to work hard to get things we want in life. From Jun 2002 until now, yes, we are still friends (still see him soar above the sky).

11) Jerry Yan Cheng Xu
He is sooooo handsome. Meteor Garden was where I met him. Or should I say I was actually in love with his character as Dao Ming Si.
12) Chad Michael Murray (Pakcik Moorey)
I can never resist this man. His figure, his eyes, his touch in A Cinderella Story took my heart away. He was awesome in House of Wax and Freaky Friday. Wonder when I can buy a series of One Tree Hill.
13) Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo Bontot Periuk)
I know I am a bit out-of-date when it comes to this star. Do you know why? People started to like him when first saw him in Titanic, but I only realized his good look and fantastic acting after watching Blood Diamond! Can you imagine how many years have I wasted? Anyway, there is always a space for him in my heart.
14) Fernando Colunga
You can see him in La Usurpadora and Maria Mercedes. I believe is old already. Is he married and have kids? Hohoho...
15) Ricardo Alamo
Another Latin star I fell in love with. He was in Mis Tres Hermanas, Juana de Virgin and many more. Te quiero mucho..
16) Hrithik Roshan
The only Hindustani actor I am in love with. Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai…lalala..
17) Lee Byung-Hun (Ahmad ku..)
My one and only Korean hubby. He stole my heart in Beautiful Days drama and he owned me already in All In. I want to meet him!!!!!!!!!! Ah Jo, bring him to me. .sobs..
Ahmad ku as Ren-ha in All In. (It is quite a frustration to know he has broken up with Song Hye-Kyo. They looked so perfect together. Maybe Ahmad is meant for me *chuckles*)
Ahmad ku as Lee Min Chul in Beautiful Days.
But none can compare to my King, who is my Grace, my Love...another half that completes me.

Thank you Si Comel, Welcome Si Kacak

It is a gift from Him up there for giving me a chance to have Si Kacak around. I treat him like my born-baby already. Never let any holes hurt his surface; I will even scold any drop of water from the flyover that touches over his body. *Chuckles*

But it will not make me love Si Comel lesser.

Just like what my dad said, “Life must go on, and it should lead us to a better path. Good to drive an auto car than the manual”. Yeah, maybe he was right. Let Si Comel have her rest at home. Welcome Si Kacak, you are now serving Ah Ai. (I will upload Si Kacak image soon..hehehe..=p)