Thursday, October 13, 2011

Me say Hello

Wow! What an abandon blog…I can’t remember the last time I visited my own page. As the truth speaks, I have been super duper busy with works and wedding preparation. Almost 65% has been done. Yes, I am a busy lady.

And yes people, only 27 days left. Mode: excited + a racing heartbeat

Monday, August 1, 2011

Susah Hati

- susahnya la hati bila ada adik perempuan ni...orang suka la, nak ajak keluar la...
- itu belum lagi bila dah ada anak sendiri...
- org ofis lak dok ckp, bila ada anak lelaki sok lagi buat kepala pening
- mana lagi baik, anak perempuan ke anak lelaki?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kursus Kahwin

The King and I were attending kursus kahwin (the wedding course) on last weekend. I arranged a whole thing, as he’s so busy with his works. I first checked with cousin, friends of the best kursus kahwin place should I go. You know, easy parking space (i.e. free), comfortable lecture hall, good food (too much to ask) and the most important matter it is not boring. Meaning the facilitator is not too serious, and not too knowledge forward without and jokes and laughs. If without the last factor, I bet you will see me and mr. Fiancé yawning like nobody business.

So after evaluating, we chose the course at Masjid At-Taqwa TTDI. Why? Reading feedbacks from other B2B who attended the course there, they pictured it as hilarious. No way you will feel sleepy. And to the King, it is important to him to have an easy parking access. Besides, the cert will be ready in 3 days time, and he can go and collect it without have to think about the traffic mass if say we choose kursus kahwin in Kuala Lumpur.

Comment: For one and a half day course, the organizer has not failed us at all. We received a warm welcome from Kak Ana and the food was OK. The King & I enjoyed every moment we had throughout the 13 hours courses. The facilitators were good and extremely funny. Jokes and laughter were everywhere you could hear from all attendees. Yes, parking was easy since it was held at the mosque compound. We had solat jamaah 3x and I really felt like a young college lover when I had to share my breakfast and lunch with mr. Fiancé. I personally felt he was so sweet since he himself who asked me to share food, on one plate, two spoons and forks along with tehtarik and a bottle of mineral water. And I had to admit; I laughed the ‘ugliest’ one and the loudest among the girls. I could not help it. It’s just me. Hehe…

So people, those who have not attended kursus kahwin and planning to do so, I fully recommend Kak Ana’s center. You may contact her at 012-978 3149. You will not regret it. If you seek for a cozy talk with knowledgeable facilitator, and at the same time you do not want to fall asleep, this is the place for you.

“Ah Ai, the loudest laughter girl who loves her fiancé even more”

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

But YOU!

I want nobody, nobody BUT you! I can't believe it...I'm fondly in love again with an impossible guy-to-be-with
LEE MIN HO...=))
I have tried all I can from falling, but he is just a perfect match! Sarang-he...:-*

Monday, June 20, 2011

Latest Update

No, I was not lazy. I just could not find convenience time to update my story. Whenever Internet connection was in front of me, I totally focusing on the compulsory tasks first and by the time I shut down my PC, I knew I have forgotten about putting a new entry on my own blog. So these are the things I have been doing lately, completely for sharing:

1) I was exploring National Geographic website, and I found their page as very interesting and informational. That has eventually put me an extra financial saddle after realizing there are so many beautiful places on Earth that I have not explored. By saying this, I need to save more and more money to make this wish comes true.

2) The King and I bought ourselves four books from National Geographic Traveler collection. 500 Sacred Places of a Lifetime, 500 Drives of a Lifetime, 100 Journeys of a Lifetime, and the June edition for Traveler. They are cool and not cheap! I need to make a reminder to keep the receipt for this year’s tax exemption.

3) I pampered myself this week as well with two novels, Toxic Bachelor by Danielle Steel and The Library of Gold, a spy-investigation theme story written by Gayle Lynds. I just started reading Steel’s and has arrived page 141. I also purchased two spiritual religious books last two weeks when I visited MPH with my sister at hometown. I am going to start reading it soon after I finish with Toxic Bachelor.

4) My sister came visiting me last weekend. We had our great time together, went shopping for Father’s Day gift and mom’s birthday present. The King and I drove her to Low Yatt and she got herself a new mobile phone. We had our dinner at Naili’s in Sentul and the next day we chose Thai food to feed the lunch’s appetite. We took her to watch The Green Lantern in 3D, and I tell you, watching it at 12 midnight, I was not pretty sure if I like the movie or not. Half of me was in the cinema hall, and another half has fallen asleep. Anyway, to be honest, I feel very comfortable having my sister around and as a grown up kid, we have a lot things in common, and just so many topic to talk. (OK, she talks more than I do, as I prefer to listen to her stories, and laugh at her jokes).

5) I missteps and fell down from the stairs. That was last week. And three days ago, the King was fondly following my step as his feet tripped on his way out of the bathroom. The right foot swells, so no badminton and running for us this week.

6) I know I should not waste money, but the handbag at Voir was just perfect for me. It’s denim and I never had any denim type of handbag before. So I grabbed one for myself. They gave 10% discount. I guess this time I could forgive myself.

Well, not much I can share actually. I took some pictures, I will upload them in my next entry. Life has been secluded with soups and steamboat for a whole month, but I like it seriously. Office is always busy. Tenders are everywhere. Datelines are waving. WORK WORK WORK! I am looking forward to the final Maharaja Lawak next week June 24th. I am now watching ‘Still, Marry Me’ the Korean movie and going to finish it very soon. On wedding preparation, I cannot think straight. With the King busy with projects and clients, I don’t think this is the time to buy the material for the reception baju melayu. I hope he can spend some time in July to settle a few things outstanding that needs him to involve. See you guys around! =)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vietnam - City of Tell


It's finally Friday..!!! Yeay!! As promised, I present you some photos taken during my family trip to Vietnam recently. Just a little words, Vietnam is a country that promises u surpises. From their rude immigration, to extremely sincere tourist guide. If you like to shop and very much into history, Vietnam is certainly a place for you to visit. Maybe the constraint is to find Halal food, since the number of shop selling is very limited. Make some research, or the easiest way you may follow a travel agency tour and everything is ready for you. Just prepare the money. Wanna know a shopping tip? Go shop early in the morning! The minute they open the door, you should start your bargaining skill. From 350,000 VNM Dong, you can get it at only 100,000 Dong! Take it, or leave it.

5.5 million motorcyclists in Ho Chi Minh City
At Bent 'Han Market at 8 in the morning.

The florist next to Bent'han Market. Fresh flowers, and they sell them cheap!!! You name it, if only MMalaysia can offer this good price, all wedding dais will be as pretty as heaven.

Walking to Bent'han Market early in the morning.

Tombs in the middle of the paddy field. Every house has one.

Hawkers at Mekong Que Dua stop.

In the center of Mekong River, on our way back from Que Dua. The girl was busy singing for us.

A view taken from Mekong Rest House, on our way to Mekong River. Selling items here are expensive.

Night market panorama.

Ho Chi Minh mosque. (the tourist guide called it 'smoke' *LOL*)

Halal food source at Kedai Samsudin in Ho Chi Minh city. The food is average.

Tanker at Chu Chi Tunnel. The secret tunnel made by the communist guerilla during American-Vietnam war.

One of the reason why the American lost the war, Viatnamese were small in size.

We were lucky because it was Viatnam fruit season. We got a chance to try all their best planted fruit. All in big sizes. I wonder where they get the seeds from.

I love vegetable soup at VN Halal. The only problem is, the restaurant space is really compact!

I love the hotel to bits! 3 star hotel that serves you 5 star! Muslim tourists prefer this hotel, as the only hotel that provides halal food.

In front of the city Post Office.

The leftover during war. Safely kept at the War Museum.

This place used to be the President's palace during war.

Less car, TONS of motorcycle. Red is green, green is green. No accident. You want to come to my way, you just honk. =))

What is in my wishlist? I want to get as many stamps as I can on my passport. So where is next? Singapore. Korea. Bali. Honeymoon? Location has been discussed. Just wait and see...*grin* XoXo. Tata.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Latest Update

Hello readers,

First, I miss blogging so much. Second, my family and I just came back from Vietnam. We had a really great time there. I am quite busy with office works that have been abandoned for a week long. I will upload photos taken during the trip in my next entry. See ya!

*Ai Ai, who amazed by herself for not putting on weight during this holiday trip. Thumbs up!!! Hehe...*

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nur Ya Kasih

Last night I went to watch the Nur Kasih movie at Midvalley. Yesterday was its very first day showing and the hall was full with its audience or shall I say, the Nur Kasih drama fans. I brought the King along promising him that this is a must watch movie. He did follow the drama episodes on TV3 a year ago, but the number was very little. So yesterday afternoon when I purchased the ticket online, I promised him that this Malay movie was different. The King loves a movie that allows him to think and use his brain, and last night I bet he was really evaluating it. Btw, sorry readers, I forgot to take pictures to prove you how crazy people were towards Nur Kasih.
My comment after watching:
I LOVE the movie to bits…! I did not prepare any tissue with me; luckily my scarf is long enough to wipe my tears. I cried countless times, from the beginning when I noticed Alia (Aidil’s wife) has passed away especially the scene when Aidil found it hard to read the Yassin. And of course scenes where Aidil remembering his moments with Alia touched my heart and again the tears fell. I felt the Goosebumps every time I saw the shadow of the Undertaker in black, but the scriptwriter was a brilliant as he twisted my guess of who would be dead in the end actually. The script this time brings a wider meaning what we should take a look into. An understanding conflict between religious men, a sacrifice of a wife, a teaching of never giving up in Allah, the importance of dua’, honoring your mother, love circulation in one family, you will find all of these in Nur Kasih. I never regret crying like a baby in the cinema last night, and thanks to the King for being so understanding and supporting.

The King comment after watching:
“Good movie…a really good movie. It has marked its own standard. This is what we are looking for. With a relevant sense of humor, and at the same time it accommodates our soul on its own way. Maybe what they can improve is the lighting, because the color is dull. The picture looks dull, not sharp and not bright. The color does not come to the maximum strike. And they should not dub the voice. It spoils the mood. If P. Ramlee can do it, I am sure they also can do the same. Dubbing will makes your movies sound cheap and not original. Our film industry is still lack with this technology. Overall, I am happy watching it. Knowledgeable and smart.”

Yes reader, please…go watch Nur Kasih. As I said, it’s a MUST watch Malay movie. =)

*Ah Ai, giving two thumbs up to all Nur Kasih team*

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dup Dap

I logged into my blog account this morning, and I was so surprised (even now I am still)


5 months, 4 weeks and 2 days @ 182 days left

to my wedding day. My stomach is shrinking. My eyes cannot stop blinking.

Otto ka je? (What should I do in Korean…*grin*)

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Happy Pengantin

Remember in my previous entry I posted about this good friend of mine getting married? Oh yeah, she had her beautiful moment last Saturday. The solemnization and reception on her family side took place on the same day. The weather was so heating up, but that was still so good compared to if it’s raining, though. My fiancé and I went to her house 13 hours before the wedding, and she has done nothing so far with her hantaran. I half shouted and she on the other world just laughed. I thought Ok, this time I should be able to show my skill in decorating and creating wedding hantaran but alas, my fiancé actually more hands on than I do. He did seven of the hantaran, and he made them fast and neat and meticulously. I can only be proud of the two hantaran I made. The idea just popped out after watching my fiancé working so heavenly with his hands like you know, “This is my thing” and two, three people in the house surrounded him like wowing his works! And I was left alone with ‘Pengantin’ magazine digging ideas on what to do.
This is the nine hantaran made by me & the King *applause* hehehe
Anyway, this April, two of my closest friends have safely turned themselves being a wife. Both of them chose green turquoise and looked absolutely stunning. I thank God for allowing me to attend their solemnizations and receptions and managed myself to take lots of picture. Be part of their special moment, witnessing their happiness means a lot to me that words can never scribble. I just pray and hope that my big day soon will be as smooth and full with smiles as what I saw during their wedding days.

To Sya & Afiq, I hope you like my little gift. I simply bought that thingy to be different than the rest cause I bet no one will ever give you that! =)...Love you both, forever.

*Ah Ai, a wedding attendee who is now do not know what color should she suggests the King to wear at the groom’s side since green turquoise has been taken…twice!*

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easy Breezy Trust

A friend asked me “How did you meet your fiancé?”. I told her we met at Uni. He was my senior. We were from a different faculty but same hostel college. She asked me again, “Do you trust him?”. It took me a few minutes to answer her this time. But I am sure my answer was very sincere. I told her, “I trust him. Besides it takes me 3 years to solely trust him. To build trust is not easy. I used to be a jealous girlfriend. He has the look and at my end, I do not think that I am pretty. I always had this doubt whenever he received sms or phone calls. Then I started doing funny things like checking his messages, his contacts, inbound outbound calls, and my fiancé (that time was my boyfriend) just let me checked whatever I wanted. Like when I asked him one day “Aren’t you feel scared that I may find something uneasy?” He answered, “I do nothing wrong. Why must I worry?” Only during our third year being a couple, the habit of checking hand phone slowly faded and that was when I know that I trusted him and I wanted to be with him.

Imagining one good self takes 3 years to build trust (or for some maybe more than that), and when the boyfriend or girlfriend simply betrays what has been built, some cheat, some flirt, some lie, I can understand the pain it costs. I can absolutely comprehend why he or she cannot accept the same person anymore. Or even if he or she forgives you, the feeling will never be the same again. Many couples build trust in a few months, they got married and live happily now. So building trust differs on individual. My mom she once advised me, “Man is always man until the world ends. Is OK to reserve 1% hesitation in one relationship. At least you know the 1% belongs to you to secure your feeling”. My fiancé is aware on this but as he said ‘that will never change the fact that I still 100% trust you, except when you told me that you put on your corset when I knew you did not, or when you said you were not hungry but I could clearly hear your stomach singing’. Yeah, I do not know how to let you know just how my fiancé genuinely trust me. I can date my girlfriends anytime I want, I can meet my friend boy, I can go wherever I want without his present and many more that if I list down will be a long page.

So it is fine if you still in the process to trust your partner. Take your time. Since your partner may possibly be your spouse one day, you need to ensure that the trust is there. If your sister is going to have her first love, never feel hesitate to tell her (any other advice or good words you can think of to give) ‘Please be extra careful in knowing this guy. Do not put the trust fast. No need to hurry with the flow. You will not lose a thing by driving slow in building trust and love. If he loves you, he surely can wait’. When I tell this does not mean that I hate her or envy her happiness or do not want her to be with the guy (unless if the guy is a jerk). You warn someone dear to you in advance because you love them. Bye all, XoXo.

*Ah Ai, a fiancé who cannot trust herself when she is in movie stores*

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

She is next

Sya is my closest friend at college besides Syam. This girl is getting married next week Saturday to her one and only lover since secondary school (daddy sent you to school to study, remember? ;p) I am so happy for her. She has been so loyal to me; she stands next to me when my surrounding pulled me away. You can’t stand her mouth power and laser answers at certain time, but you can’t resist either her kindness or hugs. She is an accountant, people. She is just too calculative, facts and straightforward. No fraud. Just she was trying to be honest, that’s all.

Thanks babe for everything. For the tears we shed and shared. For the laughter we spread. Yes, YOU deserve a great party and treat.

Umbrella Hunting

Dear Readers,

I am now busy hunting for this umbrella. Absolutely purple umbrella. Rich purple color, or plum. This will be used during my reception. I have been looking at One Utama and Midvalley. But couldn’t find it. *sigh*

A friend told me I can find the casserole type exactly like this at DIOS Puchong. Really? Maybe I will go there someday. Since this week I will be going back to hometown to meet two wedding vendors, and maybe on Sunday will head to Nilai 3 to buy bunga telor for the guest. My good self is getting busier and I like it.

I only have 6 months, 3 weeks n 2 days before the actual wedding! I can’t believe it. Almost half of the checklist have been marked ‘Checked’ which is a good thing, though. I am not pretty sure what is happening at the groom’s side. Every time I ask the King, he will says, “Don’t worry. I will get it done’. OK! (with a sigh of relief).

I am really looking forward for this wedding. (Who doesn’t, huh?) Besides hiring vendors, a few things will go under DIY. I need to find a nice ribbon shop, artifial flower’s store and pay a visit to Floristika one day. These are all for the hantaran thingy and the bridesmaid project. The mini dais for solemnization will receive my touch. My DIY touch. Hohoho. I am planning to DIY the under canopy decoration as well since Kerja Kahwin Design and Collection cannot cater demand outside KL and Selangor. So sad…=( I hope my sister and cousins will be able to help me when the time comes.

More updates on the wedding preparation in next entry. Tata.

*Ah Ai, an amateur badminton player who plays twice a week and take ice water after match*

Monday, April 11, 2011

She is a wife now

Huseq got married last week to Akkil. Sak, Dhie & I was there, Atiq could not make it. Muneq attended Akkil's reception. I was so happy for Huseq. I almost cried during her solemnisation but Huseq as usual, she was the most calm person. After all the hardship in maintaining the relationship, they both finally got together as husband and wife. Congrats to both of you. =)