Monday, June 20, 2011

Latest Update

No, I was not lazy. I just could not find convenience time to update my story. Whenever Internet connection was in front of me, I totally focusing on the compulsory tasks first and by the time I shut down my PC, I knew I have forgotten about putting a new entry on my own blog. So these are the things I have been doing lately, completely for sharing:

1) I was exploring National Geographic website, and I found their page as very interesting and informational. That has eventually put me an extra financial saddle after realizing there are so many beautiful places on Earth that I have not explored. By saying this, I need to save more and more money to make this wish comes true.

2) The King and I bought ourselves four books from National Geographic Traveler collection. 500 Sacred Places of a Lifetime, 500 Drives of a Lifetime, 100 Journeys of a Lifetime, and the June edition for Traveler. They are cool and not cheap! I need to make a reminder to keep the receipt for this year’s tax exemption.

3) I pampered myself this week as well with two novels, Toxic Bachelor by Danielle Steel and The Library of Gold, a spy-investigation theme story written by Gayle Lynds. I just started reading Steel’s and has arrived page 141. I also purchased two spiritual religious books last two weeks when I visited MPH with my sister at hometown. I am going to start reading it soon after I finish with Toxic Bachelor.

4) My sister came visiting me last weekend. We had our great time together, went shopping for Father’s Day gift and mom’s birthday present. The King and I drove her to Low Yatt and she got herself a new mobile phone. We had our dinner at Naili’s in Sentul and the next day we chose Thai food to feed the lunch’s appetite. We took her to watch The Green Lantern in 3D, and I tell you, watching it at 12 midnight, I was not pretty sure if I like the movie or not. Half of me was in the cinema hall, and another half has fallen asleep. Anyway, to be honest, I feel very comfortable having my sister around and as a grown up kid, we have a lot things in common, and just so many topic to talk. (OK, she talks more than I do, as I prefer to listen to her stories, and laugh at her jokes).

5) I missteps and fell down from the stairs. That was last week. And three days ago, the King was fondly following my step as his feet tripped on his way out of the bathroom. The right foot swells, so no badminton and running for us this week.

6) I know I should not waste money, but the handbag at Voir was just perfect for me. It’s denim and I never had any denim type of handbag before. So I grabbed one for myself. They gave 10% discount. I guess this time I could forgive myself.

Well, not much I can share actually. I took some pictures, I will upload them in my next entry. Life has been secluded with soups and steamboat for a whole month, but I like it seriously. Office is always busy. Tenders are everywhere. Datelines are waving. WORK WORK WORK! I am looking forward to the final Maharaja Lawak next week June 24th. I am now watching ‘Still, Marry Me’ the Korean movie and going to finish it very soon. On wedding preparation, I cannot think straight. With the King busy with projects and clients, I don’t think this is the time to buy the material for the reception baju melayu. I hope he can spend some time in July to settle a few things outstanding that needs him to involve. See you guys around! =)

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