Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kursus Kahwin

The King and I were attending kursus kahwin (the wedding course) on last weekend. I arranged a whole thing, as he’s so busy with his works. I first checked with cousin, friends of the best kursus kahwin place should I go. You know, easy parking space (i.e. free), comfortable lecture hall, good food (too much to ask) and the most important matter it is not boring. Meaning the facilitator is not too serious, and not too knowledge forward without and jokes and laughs. If without the last factor, I bet you will see me and mr. Fiancé yawning like nobody business.

So after evaluating, we chose the course at Masjid At-Taqwa TTDI. Why? Reading feedbacks from other B2B who attended the course there, they pictured it as hilarious. No way you will feel sleepy. And to the King, it is important to him to have an easy parking access. Besides, the cert will be ready in 3 days time, and he can go and collect it without have to think about the traffic mass if say we choose kursus kahwin in Kuala Lumpur.

Comment: For one and a half day course, the organizer has not failed us at all. We received a warm welcome from Kak Ana and the food was OK. The King & I enjoyed every moment we had throughout the 13 hours courses. The facilitators were good and extremely funny. Jokes and laughter were everywhere you could hear from all attendees. Yes, parking was easy since it was held at the mosque compound. We had solat jamaah 3x and I really felt like a young college lover when I had to share my breakfast and lunch with mr. Fiancé. I personally felt he was so sweet since he himself who asked me to share food, on one plate, two spoons and forks along with tehtarik and a bottle of mineral water. And I had to admit; I laughed the ‘ugliest’ one and the loudest among the girls. I could not help it. It’s just me. Hehe…

So people, those who have not attended kursus kahwin and planning to do so, I fully recommend Kak Ana’s center. You may contact her at 012-978 3149. You will not regret it. If you seek for a cozy talk with knowledgeable facilitator, and at the same time you do not want to fall asleep, this is the place for you.

“Ah Ai, the loudest laughter girl who loves her fiancé even more”

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