Thursday, June 2, 2011

Vietnam - City of Tell


It's finally Friday..!!! Yeay!! As promised, I present you some photos taken during my family trip to Vietnam recently. Just a little words, Vietnam is a country that promises u surpises. From their rude immigration, to extremely sincere tourist guide. If you like to shop and very much into history, Vietnam is certainly a place for you to visit. Maybe the constraint is to find Halal food, since the number of shop selling is very limited. Make some research, or the easiest way you may follow a travel agency tour and everything is ready for you. Just prepare the money. Wanna know a shopping tip? Go shop early in the morning! The minute they open the door, you should start your bargaining skill. From 350,000 VNM Dong, you can get it at only 100,000 Dong! Take it, or leave it.

5.5 million motorcyclists in Ho Chi Minh City
At Bent 'Han Market at 8 in the morning.

The florist next to Bent'han Market. Fresh flowers, and they sell them cheap!!! You name it, if only MMalaysia can offer this good price, all wedding dais will be as pretty as heaven.

Walking to Bent'han Market early in the morning.

Tombs in the middle of the paddy field. Every house has one.

Hawkers at Mekong Que Dua stop.

In the center of Mekong River, on our way back from Que Dua. The girl was busy singing for us.

A view taken from Mekong Rest House, on our way to Mekong River. Selling items here are expensive.

Night market panorama.

Ho Chi Minh mosque. (the tourist guide called it 'smoke' *LOL*)

Halal food source at Kedai Samsudin in Ho Chi Minh city. The food is average.

Tanker at Chu Chi Tunnel. The secret tunnel made by the communist guerilla during American-Vietnam war.

One of the reason why the American lost the war, Viatnamese were small in size.

We were lucky because it was Viatnam fruit season. We got a chance to try all their best planted fruit. All in big sizes. I wonder where they get the seeds from.

I love vegetable soup at VN Halal. The only problem is, the restaurant space is really compact!

I love the hotel to bits! 3 star hotel that serves you 5 star! Muslim tourists prefer this hotel, as the only hotel that provides halal food.

In front of the city Post Office.

The leftover during war. Safely kept at the War Museum.

This place used to be the President's palace during war.

Less car, TONS of motorcycle. Red is green, green is green. No accident. You want to come to my way, you just honk. =))

What is in my wishlist? I want to get as many stamps as I can on my passport. So where is next? Singapore. Korea. Bali. Honeymoon? Location has been discussed. Just wait and see...*grin* XoXo. Tata.

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